2023 Complete List Of School Competitions

2023 Complete List Of School Competitions

2023 Complete List Of School Competitions compiled by webemtech IT

Due to golden prices that can be worn, school competitions has become a thing of much importance to primary and secondary schools in Nigeria and around the world. Below are the complete lists of secondary and primary school competitions in Nigeria and how to apply or register. These complete list of School competitions includes: mathematics competitions, spelling bee competitions, etc. for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria.

2023 Complete List Of School Competitions

1. Mathematics competitions for Primary and secondary schools In Nigeria

This mathematics competition is one of the most popular primary and secondary school competitions which provides a good platform for pupils and students to express their mathematical knowledge and skills by answering mathematical questions. schools that emerge winners of cowbellpedia mathematics competition are awarded handsomely. For registration details and processes, follow the linked title

NMC Stands for national mathematics competition. it is an annual competition for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. This school competition is in phases; it has grown from edition 1 to edition 5. presently, the Ntic/nmc national mathematics school competition is in its nineteenth edition. emergent winners are awarded handsomely together with the school. In most cases, Winners of this primary and secondary school mathematics competition are usually recognized globally. For More Details and Processes of registration, on the the linked title above (ii)

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Interswitchspack is also an annual mathematics competition for secondary schools in Nigeria. This competition is in phases. It is currently at the 4.0/5.0 edition. It will also interest you to know that this competition is for private and public schools in Nigeria, Uganda and kenya. However, winners of this competition are globally recognized. to learn more, follow the linked title (iii)

Mathworks math modelling challenge also known as M3 challenge is an online mathematics competition for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. This competition is for students with a keen urge for STEM related fields. here, schools are required to register at least five (5) students who will compete in the challenge/competition. for more info. visit link on (iv)

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2. Spelling bee competitions For Primary And Secondary Schools In Nigeria

The Nigeria spelling bee competition is a yearly secondary school competition in Nigeria aimed at improving the vocabulary of students across the country. This competition is pioneered by an NGO, with amazing prizes given to emergent winners. Learn more using the link at (i)

The telecommunication giant: mobile telephone network (MTN) Also has amazing competition for students in private and public schools in Nigeria. Interested students between the ages of 9 and 15 years are required to register online and prepare for the spelling competition. For more info. visit the link here on (ii)

This is a global challenge or spelling competition for both primary and secondary school students in Nigeria. This global spelling bee also known as WOSL is conducted strictly online.however, you will need a mobile phone/ a PC to participate in the spelling competition.

Spelling Bee Kahoot is a spelling competition organized for both private and public school pupils and students, where they are tested on their ability to read and write. This competition is conducted using the dictionary method. for more info on registration and competition, visit the link (iv)

3. Faraday Day Science Competition For Secondary Schools In Nigeria.

This is an International School competition for students between the ages of twelve to thirteen years are being tested on science subjects. For more details on this competition, visit link above


2023 Complete List Of School Competitions by webemtech

2023 Complete List Of School Competitions
2023 Complete List Of School Competitions

School Competitions for Students and Undergraduates

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