ABSW Young Science Writer Of The Year

ABSW Young Science Writer Of The Year

ABSW Young Science Writer Of The Year

This competition is open to students aged 14 – 16 years from non- selective state funded schools
or students with disabilities having challenges attending school (those schooling at home). This competition is peculiar to students from Cardiff, Glasgow London Borough of Newnham and Birmingham
It is said that this competition will soon be open to Other states and regions in the nearest future. So you are advised to keep visiting the website for updates if you are not from the mentioned states. | homepage

Interested students are required to submit 800 words essay about any science topic, or topic related to Mathematics, engineering and Technology. This is a competition for Young Innovative students who can put their thinking into writing on subjects related to Mathematics, Science and technology and in engineering. The article should be tailored towards societal policymaking.

Type of Content or article to submit for the ABSW young science writer of the year.

participants are expected to submit articles/essays that are very interesting and informative, essays that would thrill readers. The essay is meant to explain the indication of ethical, societal and political advancement of scientific proceeding

ABSW Young Science writer of the year Competition Topics

You are expected to write an essay in any topic of your choice ranging from why it matters to go Mars to the importance of Mathematics.
Below is a brief guide:

  • How should scientific misinformation on social media be addressed?
  • Should Internet businesses take down bad science?
  • Do you think we should all go vegan?
  • Can natural solutions truly compensate for our carbon emissions

Below are some questions to guide you in the essay writing:

  • How does your chosen topic relate to society?
  • Who are the winners and losers in this field of scientific advancement?
  • What role should the public play in this area’s policymaking?

ABSW Young science writer of the year competition Application procedures

Applicants are expected to write an essay of up to 800 words and upload to ABSW Website..

Applicants must include your name, age, school, and school address, as well as a brief biography and the contact information for your parents or guardians.

Please note that the winner and runners-up will need their parent/approval guardian’s before any information about them may be made public.

All submissions must be written in English language.

Also see: Cambridge Chemistry Race Competition


1st prize: £1000 plus mentorship and a one-year membership in the ABSW

£250 + 1 year ABSW membership for 2nd and 3rd place.

The winning entrants will receive the prize money to aid in their personal growth. The winner, runner-ups, and their entire class will be invited to the Royal Institution’s Award Ceremony at the end of June 2022. A stipend for the winner’s travel expenses will be given.

In addition, the winning student will have a one-hour consultation with an experienced journalist, editor, or writer to explain what a career in science writing includes and how to improve their writing skills.
The triumphant exposition will be distributed on the BBC news site with a notice of their school. Two other participants will be distributed on the ABSW site, with a connection to their papers from the triumphant article on the BBC news site.



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