Are There Fake Sellers On jiji? (How To Avoid Them)

Are There Fake Sellers On jiji? (How To Avoid Them)

Are There Fake Sellers On jiji? (How To Avoid Them)

Every online marketplace has one or two policy violators. this is not with the exception of jiji online marketplace. so in this post, I will be answering the question ‘are there fake sellers on jiji’ and how to avoid such sellers: sending a report to jiji informing them of such sellers is a good step to reduce the chances of encountering more online. (guide by webem technologies)

Are There fake sellers on jiji?

Yes! there are fake sellers on jiji and jiji has been against such users from the day of emergence.

How to recognize fake sellers on jiji

in order to recognize fake sellers on jiji, look out for the following:

  1. excessively cheap prices on products
  2. spam adverts
  3. sellers asking you to pay before products inspection and business address disclosure
  4. sellers using payment details similar to that of jiji
  5. sellers uploading other sellers products images on their account

How to report fake sellers on jiji

If you find out that a particular registered user or seller on jiji is using the platform in a dishonest way, the best thing to do is to report that seller and jiji will block their account. For more guide on how to report a suspicious account on jiji, follow the guide here: How to block someone on Jiji: Complete Guide

How to avoid fake sellers on jiji

However, if you discover that a seller is fake on jiji, ensure that you do not make payment to them, inform them that you are aware that their accounts are not following jiji’s guidelines and also report their accounts to jiji team via email:

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Are There Fake Sellers On jiji? (How To Avoid Them)

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