Basic Science And Technology Examination Questions For JSS2 First Term (BST)

Basic Science And Technology Examination Questions For JSS2 First Term (BST)

Our examination questions cut across the following questions: Adaptation, Living and non living things, first aid, computer ethics, chemicals, etc. BST sands for basic science and technology. However, the jss2 exam questions below contains objectives and theory or essay questions to help you prepare very well during this first term examination and also helps teachers have a clear idea of what likely exam questions they can set for their students.

Subject: B.S.T          Class: JSS2

Objectives: Instruction – Answer all the questions in this section.

  1. One of these is not an adaptation of a desert plant  (a)poor developed root system  (b)reduced leaves  (c)adventitious roots   (d)storage tissues on leaves and stems
  2. Human beings are unique among other primates because (a)they have higher intelligence due to highly developed brain   (b)they have forward facing eyes  (c)they have hands  (d)they have nails
  3. Diseases can be prevented by (a)consulting the native doctor  (b)being fashionable  (c)over eating   (d)good sanitation
  4. _____ is the first treatment given to a sick person, before taking he or she to the hospital  (a)exercise   (b)yoga   (c)first aid  (d)doffing
  5. Living things are classified into _____ types  (a)four  (b)six   (c)three  (d)two
  6. ________ is a planned activity, which is carried out in order to free people from danger  (a)rescue operation (b)first aid  (c)emergency operation  (d)none of the above
  7. The act curving of the legs, resulting in a gap between the knees on standing is called   (a)scoliosis  (b)kyphosis   (c)lordosis   (d)varus knees
  8. Which of the following live in an arboreal habitat?  (a)monkey   (b)penguin   (c)lizard   (d)lion
  9. Cosmetics, agrochemicals etc are classified as chemicals based on ______  (a)name  (b)use   (c)composition   (d)nature
  10. Webbed feet help which of these to swim in water?   (a)parrot   (b)horse   (c)frog   (d)ant
  11. The features that help an organism to fit and survive in their habitat are called?    (a)postures  (b)adaptation  (c)structures  (d)morphology
  12. Which of these is not a major types of habitat?   (a)Aquatic  (b)Arboreal  (c)Terrestrial  (d)Marine
  13. _____ is the proper way of using computers, the internet and other aspects of ICT in general.   (a)system analysis  (b)computer program  (c)computer discipline  (d)computer ethics
  14. The full meaning of SHOC is ______ (a)safe handling of chemical (b) sit handling of chemical  (c)start handling of chemical   (d)stem handling of chemical
  15. Organisms that live on land are called  _______  (a)Terrestrial animals   (b)Arboreal  (c)Aquatic animals  (d)marine animals
  16. ______ is the copying of someone work and claiming it is one’s own  (a)piracy  (b)scanning  (c)plagiarism  (d)fraud
  17. Rescue operation could be needed for victims of these EXCEPT  (a)malnutrition  (b)road  accident (c)fire outbreak  (d)water accident
  18. ______ uses the gills for breathing (a)Urangutan (b)whales  (c)fish  (d)toad
  19. _____ and _____ are the classification of living things  (a)Apes and Humans   (b)Animals and Humans  (c)Arboreal and Fishes  (d)Plants and Animals

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Basic Science And Technology Examination Questions For JSS2 First Term (BST) (Essay)

Instruction: Answer any five (5) questions

1a.       Define computer ethics

1b.       State any four (4) computer ethics

2.         Describe the adaptive features of:            (i)Fish    (ii)Desert plant  

3a.       What is rescue operation?

3b.       Describe the steps that are need to be taken at the scene of an automobile accident

4.         State and explain the classes of chemicals

5a.       Define first Aid

5b.       Describe the application of first aid to a victim of road accident

6.         List and explain four (4) abuses of the internet

7.         Write short notes on the three (3) main categories of hazardous nature of chemicals

Basic Science And Technology Examination Questions For JSS2 First Term (BST)


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