cost of advertising properties on | Sell Your properties on jiji

cost of advertising properties on| Sell Your properties on jiji

cost of advertising properties on | Sell Your properties on jiji

Are you into real estate Business? do you want to sell your properties on the number 1 market place in Nigeria ( real estate)? Below is a complete guide proposal for businesses into real estate for: Jiji real estate Abuja and Lagos,, Real Estate Nigeria, Jiji Real Estate Port Harcourt, Properties and mortgage Ibadan, Kano, Jiji Real Estate Kaduna, Enugu, selling properties on jiji in Benin City. real estate pricings etc.

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NAME: O. C. Emmanuel

Email Address:

POSITION: Sales Support

WhatsApp/Call: 07066123112

cost of advertising properties on | Sell Your properties on jiji

Kindly note that this pricing is based on the 2023/2024 updated pricing list and the prices are subject to change… Below are diamond and enterprise packages for various months and the number of top adds for each of these packages. For more info or inquires, Contact Here

Advice From JiJi Senior Marketer

Hello! thank you for the opportunity… I’m going to be brief with my guide:

My Name is O.C. Emmanuel, I’m a senior marketer at my long stay with the organization has handed me the opportunity to acquire various experiences with different businesses during advertisement. I have worked with real estate, niche, fashion, electronics, medical niche, etc. and each of these businesses have different marketing/advertisement approach. this is because, their target audience varies….. Because I don’t want to make this writing too lengthy, I will not be able to share my experiences with businesses in details, rather, I will just throw some advice:

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Need Help? connect with sales support on whatsapp 07066123112

  • When running ads with, make sure you know your manager and you are working closely with your manager: this is because your manager is the one that will give you tips on effective ads, how to post your products, create invoice for your business, create weekly report to jiji tech team for follow up, etc
  • Ensure to do follow up on your ads visitors or customers that booked appointment with you…
  • finally, do not go for any ads package below vip gold in order to get quality traffic and conversions. (this is out of experience. Lower ads plans tends not to convert much). However, below is a package analysis for diamond plans and enterprise plans for various duration for the real estate niche… If you want to reach out to me Here is my WHATSAPP LINK.
1 MonthN 42,499N 51,999N 63,499
3 MonthsN 86,499N 109,999N 144,499
6 MonthsN 150,499N 187,999N 264,999
12 MonthsN 288,999N 342,499N 497,499

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1 MonthN 74,999N 92,499N 115,499N 138,499N 161,499N 184,999
3 MonthsN 179,999N 222,499N 276,999N 332,999N 388,499N 443,999
6 MonthsN 328,499N 398,499N 495,999N 565,999N 654,999N 706,999
12 MonthsN 586,499N 720,999N 924,499N 988,999N 1,067,999N 1,219,999

Kindly fill the form below to be guided by jiji sales support or whatsapp: 07066123112

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jiji is a good advertisement platform if you are into real estate. running jiji ads for property sales/real estate agency can help boost your sales and visibility as your products become easily discoverable by potential buyers searching for similar items. Capture buyer interest by showcasing appealing product images and engaging descriptions. Facilitate direct communication and inquiries through Jiji messaging or by sharing your contact details. Take advantage of this opportunity for seamless price negotiation, convenient delivery arrangements, and maximize your earnings. Don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity – create your Jiji seller account today for property advertisement, and kick start your successful selling journey!” highest and cheapest cost of advertisements on jiji


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