Do You Pay To Advertise On Jiji (Answered)

Do You Pay To Advertise On Jiji (Answered)

Do You Pay To Advertise On Jiji (Answered)

You might be wondering if it is really true to post an advert on jiji for free or if you have to pay. This is a common question asked buy business owners and individuals who has one or more products and services that they want to sell or list online. With our guide here, you will be handed with the best guide on if it is possible to post an your advert on jiji for free or if you will have to pay. I will also be guiding you on the features of free and paid postings on jiji, how free and paid postings started
on jiji Africa, The pros and Cons of Free and paid postings. (by webemtech). Contact jiji sales support on 07066123112

Well, the best answer to if you pay to advertise on jiji is Yes. jiji allows you to post your adverts or products and services for free but with limited features. Of course everyone wants a platform
where they can advertise their products for a small amount of money while some are even searching for where to advertise their products and services for free. So jiji comes in place to solve these challenges by providing an option for people and businesses to post both a free and a paid advert. So below, I will be explaining the major differences between jiji free postings and the paid or premium ads

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jiji free posting or advertisement

Based on our detailed explanation above on weather you need to pay to advertise | post on jiji or not. It is now clear that jiji allows free postings or adverts.
so right here, I will be walking you through on what to expect from free postings on jiji (pro and cons).

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How jiji free posting or advertisement all started

When jiji initially started operating, they operated a free posting or advertisement system; I’m talking about back in early 2012. Jiji was a free online marketplace where vendors and
individuals can visit to sell off their newly bought or fairly used items, it was a very engaging online marketplace. Later, they purchased OLX which even make their online presence
better everyday. So selling for free was what grew their online presence and audience. And ever since then, there is only one platform that operates similarly in free posting (Facebook Market Place).

Later on, jiji wanted to even pull more traffic to her online marketplace, so they started partnering with big brands and social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Monetized websites, etc.
Partnering with these big brands, requires that they pay advertisement free to help promote the vendors, businesses or individuals products on their platform.
So, they introduced the premium services or packages where businesses and individuals will have to pay to get even more engagement to their postings. So jiji had the free postings or adverts
and the paid options too. But the free postings for businesses and individuals later had some restrictions. These restrictions are explained in detail below: (Do You Pay To Advertise On Jiji (Answered))

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Features of Jiji Free Postings or advertisement

you should take note of these things if you want to start posting for free on jiji:

  1. jiji has limited the number of adverts or postings for particular businesses or products category. This has been invoke since back 2015 till date
  2. According to jiji, The promotion power for free posting is lower than the paid or premium postings
  3. The free postings are not monitored by any online or offline marketing manager
  4. Your products will be seen at the bottom of the ads category i.e. after every other paid or premium individuals postings
  5. No Top options on your products
  6. Your products will not be in the email marketing campaigns, social media ads, Google Ads, etc.
  7. No business or personal website link inclusion
  8. A slug can be added under the business settings

Jiji Paid Postings or Adverts

jiji Africa introduced the paid or premium packages in order to pull even more traffic and to promote registered businesses products on big platforms such as Google, Facebook, etc.
The paid packages was split into six major categories namely: Boost, Premium, vip, Vip Gold, Diamond and Enterprise packages. Each of these packages comes with various features
and the acceptable duration are: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Jiji Paid postings or adverts also has what is called the Top Ads. This is a premium package that allows individuals and businesses that has between 1 to 5 products to subscribe
into the paid or premium package.


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Features of Paid or premium packages on jiji

These are the features of premium or paid packages on jiji

  1. more promotion power
  2. promoted on social media platforms, Google, etc. (depending on the premium package you are on)
  3. Top Ads inclusion
  4. Website link inclusion
  5. Dedicated Manager (comes with higher premium packages)
  6. Statistics report
  7. Active Pro sales Features on All your products (T&C)

To view the cost of paid or premium packages on jiji, click HERE


The answers above is from Jiji marketing Manager with years of experience working effectively with Jiji. so in summary, we can see that jiji allows for free postings and allows for paid or premium packages. These two types of postings on jiji has their features and things to look up for as explained above. So enjoy you free posting on jiji and you can also try out the paid or premium packages> If you have, done, drop your experience with jiji at the comment section below. Your review is highly appreciated. for further assistance, call/whatsapp jiji sales support on: 07066123112

Do You Pay To Advertise On Jiji (Answered)


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