Full Introduction To WordPress | CMS

Full Introduction To WordPress | CMS

Full Introduction To WordPress | CMS


Searching for the meaning of WordPress? | How To Design Professional website with WordPress |WordPress Interface | Introduction To WordPress | Working with WordPress environments | What is Content Management System (CMS) | Why You Need No Technical Skills To Work With WordPress | Differences Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org... This training is for you. Read on!

After Downloading, installing and configuring your Wamp server to work with your WordPress and creating multiple database as discussed during short introduction to WordPress, the next thing is to introduce you fully to WordPress. In this section, we will be talking about; the meaning of WordPress, WordPress as content management system, why you need no technical skill to work with WordPress, and the two arms of WordPress (wordpress.com and wordpress.org)

Let’s Get Started!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), among others such as
joomla, Drupal, square space, Wix and the likes.

What is content management system (CMS)?

If we say that WordPress is a Content management system, what is content management system?
Content management system is a software or platform that allows users to create, manage and modify content on a website.

Why You Need No Technical Skills To work with WordPress

If you do not have any technical knowledge about website design or coding, WordPress will help you
do all the technical works. This is why people sell courses online tagged: “Learn how to design professional websites without coding”, Learn how to design professional websites in 7 days without coding”, and so on,
They are simply telling you that they want to teach you how to design professional websites
using content management system, usually WORDPRESS.

Differences Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org

During the short introduction to WordPress, I stated that you should note that we are
downloading our WordPress from wordpress.org and not from wordpress.com. WordPress.com and wordpress.org are two different services but still from the same company. For the purpose of this article, it is important that we discuss about them briefly.

  • WordPress.org is a free open source content management software, also known as self hosted services. Also known as self hosted services means that wordpress.org gives you the ability to download WordPress themes and plugins and you can take these themes and plugins to any space of your choice to host with any web hosting provider such as Bluehost, mocha host, HostGator, hostinger, etc.
  • wordpress.com is a paid open source content management software. (services entails you hosting with WordPress) Services entails you hosting with WordPress means that you will be paying for the plugins and themes needed to design a website and after designing your website with wordpress.com, you will still need to host with wordpress.com.

WordPress.com And WordPress.org Interfaces


  • visit www.wordpress.org on your browser. It will open an interface as shown below
    you will see the menu such as pages, themes, patterns, learn, support, news, about, etc.
  • All these features are for free! you can download plugins and themes for free, you can also get
    free support, read news and download WordPress.


  • Visit www.wordpress.com on your browsers. It will open an interface as shown in the screen shot below:
Full Introduction To WordPress | CMS
Full Introduction To WordPress | CMS
  • click on login if you already have an account
  • click on get started if you are signing up a fresh.
    If you are getting started follow the listed steps below:
    -Enter your email address
  • Enter your username
  • Enter a username
  • Chose a domain name or click back to start designing your website for free
  • if you chose to select a domain name, you will be given a free 1 year domain registration but you
    will be prompted to subscribe to any of the web plans..
  • If you don’t want to make payment, click on the back arrow at the top left hand side of your browser
    then you will be taken to where you will select O USD plan and you can start designing your website for free. though with a domain name
    having .wordpress.com extension

In Conclusion, WordPress.org is completely free to use while wordpress.com is paid. WordPress.com was established few years later after wordpress.com
in an attempt to monetize wordpress.org.


Full Introduction To WordPress


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