Graduating Activities For Nursery, Primary And Secondary Schools

Graduating Activities For Nursery, Primary And Secondary Schools

End-of-the-year graduation activities are a colorful event that needs attention. It is an activity that brings all classes, teachers, parents, and school management together. (webem technologies edu.)

The end of the year’s graduation activities is very important for schools, as it also marks the progress of the students and schools. it brings parents, teachers, and schools together, It forms a strong bond between these parties.

Importance of End of the year party or Graduation activities for nursery, primary and secondary schools

  • It builds relationships:

The company’s work ethics may not allow employees and management to get to know one another better. The laid-back atmosphere allows employees to bond in a non-work situation. Employees who do not regularly engage with others have the opportunity to mingle and get to know their coworkers. You’ll also learn about additional abilities your coworkers possess that you aren’t aware of. This type of gathering brings out the best in people and helps them bond.

  • It creates room to reward hard working staff and students/pupils.

A holiday party is also a terrific way to thank your staff at the end of the year. They’ve been working relentlessly for your organization for the past few months. there is no better way to say thank you than to treat your colleagues and their significant others to a lovely meal and even a White Elephant gift exchange

Another thoughtful gift might be to obtain a few prizes or plaques and present them to staff. It’s just another method to express gratitude, which leads to happy employees.

  • It demonstrates the school’s gratitude:

End-of-year parties or graduation activities like these are a clear sign of how much the firm values its employees’ efforts. It’s a template for employees to share their ideas, provide criticism, and express gratitude for one another’s hard work.

  • Setting a price increases productivity of the pupils or students:

Giving a price at this time causes employees, students, and pupils to tighten their belts and work harder, which is a brag for the school. Their joyful spirit will undoubtedly energize their body, soul, and intellect throughout the next year. It promotes healthy competition, which in turn aids in the production of excellent results for the named school.

Graduating Activities For Nursery, Primary And Secondary Schools

  1. cultural/traditional Dance

cultural dance as they say is as old as man. Like Nigeria and other countries round the world, we have different cultures such as: Igbo, hausa, and Yoruba in Nigeria. Likewise other parts of the world; in the western world, we have western dance like: Hip-Hop Dance, break dance, balla dance, salsa, etc.

  1. Quiz Competitions/ Questions from speech point

Questions from speech point is an essential graduation activity if you are running higher institution, e.g. secondary schools. while quiz competition runs for both primary and college students. The questions from speech point is done in such a way that the owner of the school or an invited guest gives speech and at the end of the speech, one or two questions are asked in relation to the speech…. if a student get’s that right, they may be offered gifts or even granted scholarships to study in the university of their choice. e.g: at saint saviour’s high school egan lagos state, during the graduation year 2011/2012, a particular student was awarded a scholarship into the university for answering a question from the speech of the owner of the school Mrs. Boar. This can also be adopted as an activity of the end of the year party. This singular act can spur the interest of other students to be more attentive and to be well detailed.

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  1. Inter House Sports

This is when the students are allowed to participate in a short sport. This activity is usually organized by the head of sport of the school. you could combine students from different sport houses to compete shortly while the students watch from a distance.

  1. Dance competition

This is an interesting end of the year activity where students and pupils are allowed o dance round a chair or allowed to dance and the winner is selected after the dance and awarded.

  1. Eating/drinking Competition

This is the process whereby students are selected from various classes to see the first to finish a drink or food. The winner is usually awarded after the competition.

  1. Students/pupils presentation

This is another interesting end of the year or graduation activities where students and pupils are allowed to present songs, dance, speech, memory recitation, History of the school, career talks, fashion, medicals, etc.

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  1. Drama Presentation

I decided to separate this presentation because the teachers can also participate in the drama. though they are majorly done by the students or pupils

Graduating Activities For Nursery, Primary And Secondary Schools

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Like many fellow corps members, I was posted to a school to render services as a teacher. Before NYSC, I had a second class upper degree in linguistics. The school initially asked me to teach Civic Education, but when I started teaching students the reason why ‘s’ ended a particular verb, that the ‘-ion’ combination in education and civilization is the cluster /ʃn/, not /ʃɒn/ and how the knowledge of word surface aids memorization, I was required to teach the JSS1 and SS1 students English and Literature-in-English.

The task was difficult at first because when I wanted to teach them Oral English, the students had no prior background in the said subject. When I spoke with clear diction, “Malamu, gbogbo nnkan ti e ti n so latekan ko ye mi rara.” was the complaint of one of the students as the rest nodded in unison. I really had to start teaching them from scratch!

That day, I returned to the MCAN Lodge where I lived and started planning how to help improve the students rapidly. I brought my expertise and years of study into work, created a personalised syllabus for the students, mapped out practical strategies, and got set for an overhaul.

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Did my plans work?

Would you love to learn about my plans and read the subsequent episodes of this educative series?

As a teacher/parent, do you have problems teaching your children/students topics in clear diction and effective communication?


Let’s discuss in the comment section.

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Graduating activities for nursery, primary, and secondary schools play an important role in building relationships, rewarding hard work, demonstrating gratitude, and increasing productivity. These activities include cultural/traditional dance, quiz competitions/questions from speech point, inter-house sports, dance competition, eating/drinking competition, students/pupils’ presentations, and drama presentations. Additionally, effective communication and clear diction are crucial for teaching English and literature to students, and personalized syllabi and practical strategies can aid rapid improvement.

Content: Graduating Activities For Nursery, Primary And Secondary Schools

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