Homepage Settings With WordPress Themes

Homepage Settings With WordPress Themes

Homepage Settings With WordPress Themes

In this section of the training, I will be walking you through how to work with our pages and posts.
Previously, we discussed How to install and activate our premium WordPress themes and plugins,
We have also learned how to import demo data to look exactly like the theme. So right here, I will be
teaching you how to work with your pages and post; most importantly the homepage.

The Homepage

The homepage is the page that contains the summary of what your business or website is all about and it is very important to take your time to work with your homepage. For instance, when I started website designing newly, I could spend days or a week working on the homepage of my
clients. Then, I had no website to advertise my business or a portfolio to advertise my work. all I did was take my time to work effectively on the homepage of my clients. Once I deploy the website and send the link to my client, my client forwards it to friends and business associates and before you know what is happening, I will be referred by the client to another client. So then, my business was based on referral purposes. and that is the power of having a good homepage…

Things to put into consideration in the Homepage

  • The brand color of the business: if it’s your business, you have to know the color combination of your business. there are some businesses whose cool combination is blue and white, another might be blue and white, etc. So if you want to work for any client as a website designer, one of your required/most asked questions is the color and logo of the business. The logo should contain the color you should use on the website… if the logo color doesn’t match the color of the demo content of your WordPress theme, all you need to do is to go to the theme options and tweak the theme to suit the color of the logo.

How To Edit Your Website Homepage

Hint: before editing the website homepage, you must log into the dashboard of your website

  • You can edit directly at the front end, depending on the theme editor you are using
  • You can edit the homepage through the dashboard
    *Hover your mouse on pages
    *click on all pages
  • Locate the page carrying the home with front page written at the front- as shown in the image below
  • Under the page, we have the edit, quick edit, trash, edit with theme editor (telementor, wp page builder etc.)

Edit: The edit is the section that allows you to edit the entire page using the WordPress theme editors
Quick edit is the section that allows you to only edit some parts of the page, e.g. the category, date of publication, scheduled date, password, etc.
Trash is the section that allows you to instantly move unwanted pages to the trash where they can be restored later
The view is the section that allows you to view the looks of the page in a browser.
Edit with any theme editor is a section that allows you to automatically start editing a page with an installed WordPress theme editor like wp bakery page builder, elementor, etc.

  • Click on Edit To Start Editing the Page

HInt: click on view page to have your homepage opened in a new tab and click on edit to have the editing page opened in another tab, so that you can easily refresh to view the changes you make
at any point of the edit.

Note WordPress/wp bakery page builder has Three main editors

  • Gutenberg editor: This editor is good for those that has technical knowledge on coding
  • front end editor: Front end editor allows you to edit the homepage or other pages at the front end
  • Classic Mode Editor: Classic mode is similar to that of the Gutenberg Editor.

You can edit entire row with columns and you can also edit individual columns using wp bakery page builder and elementor Pro.

For Further Details, watch the full training video below:


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