How to become jiji agent | work for jiji

How to become jiji agent | work for jiji

Are you interested in working for jiji in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, cote devoire, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Ethiopia, etc.? In this article, I will be walking you step by step on how you can become an agent or how you can work for jiji in your country or from any part of the world.

who is a jiji agent?

jiji agents are people who are recognized by jiji and allowed to register businesses on jiji for the businesses to start advertising with jiji…. however, in order to do this, the agent must have undergone few hours of training with jiji training team (Ms, Jenifer Eze) on how to register businesses.

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Procedures to become jiji agent | how to start working for jiji

In order to become a recognized jiji agent, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Offline Sales Agent Application: You are advised to submit your updated CV to jiji recruitment team for the position of an offline sales agent by following the advert on their mobile app, or website or better still, submit your application to if you are in Nigeria. If you are in other countries, find the support mail jiji in your country and submit your updated cv
  2. An email is sent by jiji support for acceptance or rejection: If your application is accepted by jiji, you will receive an email stating the address, and time of a brief interview and training… (you are advised to dress corporate). If it is rejected, you won’t receive any email. but you can perhaps try again.
  3. two to three hours of training by jiji training team (Jenifer Eze): If you got an acceptance email, you will be sent an address and time for a brief training on how jiji works, how to register business, post business products, subscribe for businesses on jiji, etc.
  4. CRM Assignment: CRM stands for customer relation management; after the training that same day or first thing the following day, you are assigned a crm name to the app for you to be able to register businesses
  5. Field Training: The following day, you will be thought and paired with other new applicants to an urban market place to exercise what you have been taught. (exercise should last between 30mins to an hour)
  6. Assessment: After the 30mins to an hour field exercise, you are to return to the trainee to give report on how your short exercise went….
  7. Admin Group Inclusion: After this, you will be added to a tech group for resolution of any complaint you might encounter in future when registering any business.
  8. Congratulations!

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Things to note before applying for the position of jiji sales agent

before applying for jiji sales agent, kindly note that the above training and interview areas are not available in all the states in your country. for instance, in Nigeria, the training is usually at Lagos and Federal Capital Territory Abuja. This means that if you are applying from Enugu or any other state other than these two, you will be required to transport yourselves down to Abuja or Lagos State. This also implies that training is physical and not virtual.

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Advantages of working for jiji or being a sales agent

  1. weekly transport allowance based on your sales
  2. work is flexible
  3. recurrent income
  4. Instant Admin Assistance
  5. good interest rate
  6. quick monthly payout

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  • cost of transportation to businesses
  • you will have to use your data for registration
  • you will have to use your money for transportation until you make sales before you will be given transport allowance for the week


to become jiji sales agent you need to submit your updated CV and undergo every necessary training

How to become jiji agent | work for jiji (web)

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