How To Contact Jiji Support

How To Contact Jiji Support

How To Contact Jiji Support

How To Contact Jiji Support
if you are a vendor or a business owner, you might probably have wondered how to contact jiji help support team. So in this article, I will be walking you through on how you can do that with ease. by webemtech

Who are jiji help support?

jiji help support are employed and skilled individuals who attend to the needs of registered and unregistered business owners on jiji Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, etc. The contact support

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option are always made available for people so that they can easily resolve any issue they might encounter on the platform or so as to help in the registration processes. This is what gave rise to various contact
support persons from various department. so below are some of the major departments on jiji so that you can know the help support that will solve your complaint

How To Contact Jiji Support (contact jiji support on whatsapp here: 07066123112)

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Departments in jiji

There are some important departments in jiji. and they are as follow

  1. Sales Department: This department is responsible for any complaints that pertains to advertisements and sales
  2. Advertisement Department: Advertisement or ads department is a department in jiji whose primary aim is to run active ads for registered businesses and also so give support to premium business partners on their advertisements
  3. Offline Sales Managers support: These are employed individuals by jiji who visits businesses in order to create awareness of jiji as an online market place and also to register businesses and provide faster response to technical issues for businesses since they have direct access to the senior tech team.
  4. Online Sales Managers support: These are jiji staff that operates virtually: they can be in Lagos managing businesses in Enugu state, Masaka, etc. They can also proffer solutions just as the offline sales executives does only that due to their distance, they might not be able to visit your business in person.
  5. jiji Career Department: These are departments that are responsible for recruitment of individuals who want to become jiji sales agents
  6. jiji technical Department: This is a department in jiji that is responsible for advance technical issues on jiji platforms such as App Mal-functionality, website correction, or any other advanced technical issues.

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How To Contact Jiji Support

General jiji support or how to contact jiji support

although jiji has so many departments, they have released a single email account for any kind of support needed. However, you can contact jiji support team by sending an email to depending on the country of residence. (if you are in Ghana, jiji contact support email will be etc.). You can also contact jiji support via call or wahtsapp on 07066123112

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Differences between jiji online support and jiji offline sales executive support

if you are registered vendor on jiji, you might have heard a jiji staff saying that your business is managed by an online sale executive while at times, you might be told that your account is managed by an offline sales executive.
so what are the differences between these two? The differences between these supports are:

  1. an online sales executives are sales support that can manage your account once you register yourself via the mobile app (any business registered without any assistance is automatically pushed to an online sales manager) while an offline sales executives are sales support that can manage your account by visiting your business and registering your business. in that case, you will get their number and personal details for further follow up
  2. online sales executives do not have to physically visit business while offline sales executives have to visit businesses from time to time
  3. you as a business will have to visit your mobile app to request managers call and wait for a while for the call of the online sale executive while offline sale support or executives always give you their contact from the point of registration on jiji

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How To Contact Jiji Support

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jiji contact numbers

As I said earlier, you can visit your app to request for managers call or call your offline sale executives. but if your request is to call jiji head office directly, you can call them at: 07066123112 or click on the contact us page on jiji official website


From the above explanations, we can see that the major contact support on jiji is the general contact which is emailing and by contacting your jiji offline sales executives or better still visit your mobile app and click on managers call.

How To Contact Jiji Support


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