How to create an effective Jiji advertisement

How to create an effective Jiji advertisement

How to create an effective Jiji advertisement

Become an expert in creating good and powerful ads on jiji that can attracts buyers and increase your sales. Learn proven methods to crafting a visually appealing ads, write compelling descriptions, and optimize your listings for maximum visibility.

jiji as a leading online marketplace in Nigeria that connects businesses and buyers together has become one of the best places where vendors and business owners who have products and services visit to make their advertisement a success! jiji has over 300 million unique monthly visitors which is a lot of traffic to sell all your products and services to potential buyers. Also, the platform contains a large number of sellers and buyers with various products and services displayed. And our recent research shows that the simplicity in using the jiji platform, ads cost friendliness, selling fast, among others are the reasons why it has now become the number 1 online market place in Nigeria. You might have heard some sellers or business owners saying that they made millions of sales on jiji, and you will be wondering how is that possible? let’s show you how you can do same with few tips and practices.

So in this article, I will be guiding your step by step on how to create an effective jiji advertisement. Whether you are a returning, active or new advertiser on jiji, our guide here will help you create professional ads on jiji so that you can sell faster and make the best use of the jiji advertisement system.

importance of effective jiji advertisement

It is important that you run an effective jiji ads, so that you can have a good ROI for your advertisements. Lots of vendors who are doing the right thing using the jiji ads, are closing deals every now and then. You too can do the same, simply by following our guides here. We have past the era of spending so much on advertisements and getting very little result; with the right practices, you will make unimaginable sales on jiji. However, effective advertisement on jiji helps you sell faster, build your customer base and to maximize your ads on jiji

Overview of jiji platform and it’s audience

whenever you want to run advertisement on any platform, the number 1 thing to put into consideration is the audience of that particular platform. This is why we have what is called target audience in advertisement; facebook, instagram, jiji, Google, etc are one the advertisement platforms that pays close attention to target audience. I have also explained here on the differences between Jiji ads and Facebook/Instagram adverts. But one unique importance o jiji audience is that over 80% of the visitors are intentional buyers (this is because it is well known as a marketplace where sellers can sell affordable, quality as well as expensive items). This is why you sellers sell’s faster on jiji.

When advertising on jiji platform, you should be expecting potential buyers to reach out to you via call, chat through jiji app, and direct whatsapp messages (these are the call to action buttons on jiji). Buyers will be able to save your ads on jiji platform, send you a chat, and put your products as favorite so that they can revisit to make contact with you.

Creating a compelling Ad copy

Your ad copy has to do with using a clear product title, taking a clear product images, having well detailed and keyword based descriptions for your products, selecting the right ads category on jiji, filling in all the required fields for the products you are advertising, adding a negotiable or flexible price tag to your products and arranging your product images in a good order. the image below shows how your your ads should look like on jiji:

How to create an effective Jiji advertisement
How to create an effective Jiji advertisement

Optimizing Ads Visuals

Ads visuals has to do with your product image representation. However, optimization has to do with image size and dimension (e.g. jiji does not allow images whose sizes are above 5mb and image dimensions below 600px by 600px) for more information on jiji ads images, read: All You Need To Know About Jiji Product Images For Ads

Effective Ad Targeting and Placement

When it comes to targeting the right audience on jiji, worry less because jiji platform has made this easier for you. The Targeting options on jiji are: chose the correct product category and chose a location where you want that particular ads to be displayed (each product listings allows you to add a location within Nigeria). Once these two are done, leave the rest to jiji to push your products to the right audience for you.

Monitoring and Optimizing Ad Performance

After getting your ads up and running, the next thing is to monitor your ads and learn how to improve the performance. When it comes to monitoring, you are the only one that can do that, and this can be done by clicking on profile at the bottom right hand side of your jiji app, then click on my ads to see the performance or traffic and statistics of your individual products. From there, you will be able to know products that are performing well and those that are not. After that, click on my clients to see new messages, call back request and buyers that have viewed your products or added it to favorite. You can also use the analytics tools (performance) to see your daily, weekly and monthly statistics. After doing these, you can then reach out to jiji sales support to help you further optimize your ads performance (07066123112)


We have been able to explain in details on the various ways to create an effective jiji advertisement so as to attracts buyers and increase your sales. Also, you ca reach out to jiji sales support on whatsapp or call for additional information 07066123112

How to create an effective Jiji advertisement

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