Free Website Design Tutorials – Lean Web Development

Free Website Design Tutorials - Lean Web Development

Free Website Design Tutorials – Lean Web Development

This is a page to learn how to design professional website with ease. learn how to design websites for free without having to pay a dime. Get free materials like articles, images and videos to guide you on how to design website like a pro. right here, you will learn all the following below. I have arranged the training in bullets below. click on each of the links to be taken to the training page……

  • Are you looking for an alternative source of income?
  • Become a proficient and certified website designer without coding and start earning big!
  • Join over 5,000 individuals learning tech today!.
  • At the end of the course, you will be able to design any type of website like a pro.
  • Course comes with premium web materials worth over #200k or $235 all for FREE!

But before then, let’s introduce ourselves to the basics of website design below:

You are welcome to the FREE training on How To Design Professional Websites

In this training, I intend not only to teach you on how to design professional websites, but also on how to manage the designed websites….

  • such as:
  • SEO search engine optimization
  • PLAGIARISM performing plagiarism check on websites if you want the contents of your designed websites to rank at the top of search engine result page (SERPs), or you are a Google Ads publishers, etc.
  • GSC Google Search Console
  • GA Google Analytics
  • WEB MONETIZATION Google AdSense, Affiliates, Ezoic…
  • SOME PREMIUM web design tools
  • And so on…

But if at the end of this training, you feel that you need to be taught further, then you can enroll for the master course, where premium web design materials worth over 200k will be shared and you will also be added to a free mentorship group where you can be guided on any personal web project or web project for clients, etc.… any time you feel you are interested on the master class, you can always send me a personal message through the contact form here

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Free Website Design Tutorials – Lean Web Development

These are the two major things you need when designing a website:

  1. A domain name.
  2. webhosting service
  1. Domain name is very important in website designing You should know how to talk to your clients before registering business in CAC (corporate affairs commission)….

Free Website Design Tutorials – Lean Web Development

The major challenge most people face is that they will hurriedly register a business name with CAC without consulting a website designers to see if that name is currently available online. Some big organizations has paid big time for this (they will register with CAC and run their business for a while and then decide to go digital. It is then they will get to see that another organization has registered the same name online )

The name will be in use on social medias and in other platforms…And if a domain flipper gets to find out, double wahala for the client…

⭐ Also, when choosing a domain name for your business or for a client, try to make the name as brief as possible

what is a domain name?

A domain name is that unique identifier that differentiate an online property from another e.g.:

Now the extensions you add to the domain name describes the nature of the business. E.g.: .com- for commercial business, .org- for non profitable organizations, . Edu- for educational etc.

The www. Is an online protocol that stands for world wide web. While the http:// stands for unsecured hypertext transfer protocol. And https:// stands for secured hypertext transfer protocol (usually best for e-commerce websites. Though gradually becoming the trend of all websites

This is what gave rise to the URL (universal resource locator), etc…. So domain name is very important

The next is the web hosting service
Which is the purchase of online space to keep your designed websites and the files in your website…. We have the shared hosting, cloud ☁️ hosting, dedicated hosting etc…

But there is another type of server called local server/host (wamp server)

This server doesn’t require an internet connection to work. Just install on your PC and and you are good to design any kind of professional website…. This is why you hear people selling courses online called learn how to design professional websites without coding… This is actually possible with the help of WordPress and any of the servers.. and we are going to be doing all of that here

Website designing is one digital Skill that has made me lots of money… Because you get to design websites for clients and still monetize the website if you are an affiliate marketer or a Google AdSense publisher

We are now in a technologically driven age where everything has become digitized. However, it is important to learn technology, especially coding. In this training, you will learn how to design website like a pro, even if you do not have any technical knowledge in programming or coding. you will design responsive and highly dynamic websites with very little coding. Below are other related contents on website designing: like page here

Free Website Design Tutorials - Lean Web Development
Free Website Design Tutorials – Lean Web Development

Free Website Design Tutorials – Lean Web Development

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