How To Make Money Online 2022

How To Make Money Online 2022

How To Make Money Online 2022- legitimately

I will be sharing with you proven ways on how you can make money online legitimately this year 2022. with their challenges. But at the end of the article, I will explain how to tackle the challenges

Read this article to the end as I will be listing some of these jobs and how you can work with ease and get paid.

Let’s get started


Affiliate marketing is an excellent method to make money from the convenience of your own home. Simply combine a computer with internet access, a substantial amount of time and patience, and a dash of eagerness to learn. But have you ever thought about how affiliate marketing came to be? With our brief history of affiliate marketing, you won’t have to wonder any longer.

Affiliate marketing in the future

Affiliate networks were believed to be generating roughly £2.16 billion in revenue in the United Kingdom alone by 2006, with global revenues predicted to have reached $6.5 billion. Gambling, travel, personal finance, telecommunications, gaming, retail, and lead generation all contributed to this revenue.

According to a research by the Internet Advisory Bureau, affiliate marketing accounted for 6% of the UK’s total online economy in 2012 and generated £9 billion in sales (IAB).

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Affiliate marketing is hugely popular and still has a lot of room for growth, especially as more and more online stores outperform their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Consumers are unlikely to stop seeking information and conducting research before purchasing a product or service.

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Challenge: Audience

How To Make Money Online 2022
How To Make Money Online 2022

2. Google adsense

Google AdSense is a Google LLC service that allows website owners and YouTubers to make money from their channels. (Admob is for app developers only.)
Google is the world’s largest and fastest search engine, and they also own Gmail, YouTube, and other services.
They chose to accept applications to promote people’s businesses to people all over the world because they had the world’s most popular search engine and products that are used by over 70% of the global population.
They have the audience, so they tell company owners to “bring your business” and “let us use our power to raise exposure for you.” As a result, today, large and small enterprises all over the world, such as Microsoft, banks, and government institutions, among others, have adopted this strategy.

Google receives a large sum of money in exchange for promoting their products to the public (advertisement)…..

But there’s a catch: Other than Google search results, Google wanted platforms that exclusively displayed texts with advertising! on them.
What if a company submits a video or image advertisement for Google to promote?
Even if YouTube is capable of doing so, how many people can they reach? This is why they devised a method of distributing some of these advertisements from large corporations to website proprietors.

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Challenge: Traffic/Audience


You can create several accounts with ad sellers such as Google,, ezoic, and others. This means you’ll be promoting for a variety of firms and will be paid separately by each of them.

Challenge: Traffic/Audience


As I said earlier in this article I will be addressing the challenges for each of these online jobs. Let’s see how the issue of Audience can be addressed below:

You will notice that all the make money online I listed here all have similar challenge (Audience). This is why I said that this is not a get rich quick scheme

The audience has become a thing of interest for every business owner. without an audience, there won’t be any business. what I mean is that no business can hold without people’s patronage.

should I surprise you further? Do you know that the reason why you are allowed to register to any of the affiliate programs as an affiliate is that the owners of the affiliate program need an audience and he/she believes that you have the audience that he/she doesn’t have and that you know how to pull audience? This is why the owner of the affiliate program will put a compulsory fee for you to pay just to get approved to advertise his/her product. Part of the fee is to cover the expenses he/she might have incurred to create awareness (audience) that got you informed and also to keep you at work (you wouldn’t pay a whopping sum of $120 to join an affiliate program and you won’t be serious)

Google believes that your website already have traffic/Audience This is why you are required to submit your website for checking. One of the things Google check for is the number of people that visits your website a day. This is still pointing to audience..

Audience and Audience is the language of every online and physical business.

So then, How do you get audience?

With the evolution of technology, there are a lot of systems and procedures out there that can help individuals boost their audience or online presence. Blow is a list of application software, tactical procedures and general things to build your audience:

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A lot of persons under-use their WhatsApp applications. How do I mean?

Do you Know that there are some affiliate marketers that do not have a website/blog to promote their affiliate products/business? All they use is WhatsApp business/ the normal WhatsApp everyone uses.

With the amazing features of whatsapp, one of which is whatsapp status: that gives you the ability to post some of your products and services on your status so that your friends will see and make enquiries is what is called (WHATSAPP TV).

Lots of people/affiliate marketers/freelancers are making a wooping 6 to 7 figures monthly with just whatsapp application

This is why I said that some people are under utilizing their WhatsApp application…..

Some Basic Features Of A whatsapp Application To boost Your Audience

  • You can post your affiliate products and services on your WhatsApp status for people to make enquiry (WhatsApp TV)
  • You can also create a whatsapp group where you can add interested persons to see any posting you have for your new or existing products
  • you can also create a WhatsApp Broadcast, that allows you to add more people than the WhatsApp group who will also be able to get information about your products when you share it to the broadcast.
  • finally, Whatsapp my business comes with business features where you can drop an offline message, create product categories and pricing, etc. (How To Make Money Online 2022)


Social media is a great place to advertise your products and services for the world at large to see. For instance, you can create a Facebook page and group and have people or customers follow the page and group so that they can be updated on the newest products and services at hand. To further make things easier, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, has made it possible to connect your WhatsApp account to your Facebook page and Instagram account. isn’t that lovely? (How To Make Money Online 2022)

Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The term “search engine optimization” refers to the actions you take to improve the indexability of your website or blog.
They are procedures or actions that you must follow while producing your web pages and blogs for search engines to rank your content higher in search results, making it easier for people searching for products on search engines all over the world to find you.

Search engine optimization (SEO) assists website owners in achieving all of these goals without having to pay search engines anything.

Search engine optimization is a very great tool for boosting the audience if you have a website/blog. Search engines make it possible for people searching for particular products and services to find you on the internet without your presence or advertisement You can be at the comfort of your home while people call and get in contact with you and conversion will be made.

How To Make Money Online 2022

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