How To Post Properties On jiji

How To Post Properties On jiji

How To Post Properties On jiji

if you have created a professional seller’s account on jiji and having subscribed for jiji premium advertisement package for the properties categories, the next thing is to start posting engaging and attractive ads on jiji, you will also want to know the number of images to post for each of your properties on jiji as well as the best image dimensions. So in this article, webemtech will be guiding you on how to post properties on jiji: for guidance or assistance, call/whatsap sales support on 07066123112

let’s get started!

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Introduction to Jiji: Your Online Property Marketplace

As the number one online marketplace in Nigeria and in many other African countries, jiji is highly recognized as one of the best online platform to buy and sell properties such as landed properties, Houses for sale and rent/lease, lands and plots for rent, lands and plots for sale, short lent properties, commercial properties for rent or sales and event centers, venues and workstations. However, jiji is that perfect online property marketplace. So jiji allows you to create an online store where you can list all your properties and they will be advertised to lots of persons or customers interested in real estate or property. For instance, jiji allows you to subscribe for an ads package in real estate or property where you can post between 1 to unlimited number of advertisements. so if you are into real estate, jiji is a good place to start with.

Creating a Jiji Account: Getting Started

To create a professional property seller’s account on jiji, follow the following steps below:

  1. Provide the following to jiji sales support on whatsapp (07066123112) to create a professional sellers account for your property to rank #1 on Google and for premium guidance (business name, phone number, business address, email, official opening and closing hour, work days, and a short description about your real estate business)
  2. Go to your Google play store or Apple play store and type in JIji app
  3. From the list of results provided, download and install the most updated jiji app
  4. Once the app is opened, click on I want to sell
  5. Upon entering the homepage, click on the profile icon at the bottom right hand side.
  6. click on sign up
  7. select to sign up with your Gmail or an email account that is synchronized to your phone.
  8. Then click on the profile icon again and click on settings
  9. Go to your profile settings and complete set up
  10. Also go to your business settings and complete the setup (this includes the address of your business, name of business or estate, delivery fees, work hours and days, etc.)
  11. Hurray your property seller account is active!

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Preparing Your Property Listing: Tips and Guidelines

in order to prepare your property listings, you need to follow the guidelines below:

  • ensure that you entered the right business name
  • Ensure that your the phone number and email entered is active and reachable
  • Also do not forget to confirm your phone number and email address
  • ensure that that you have access to all properties posted on jiji
  • Work with jiji sales manager for optimum ads performance.

Uploading Photos and Videos: Showcasing Your Property

Uploading photos or images and videos is very important and this is where most sellers on jiji usually find difficult. So I will be guiding you below on how you can upload images and videos to your property listings or ads on jiji:

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How to upload images of your properties on jiji

In order to upload your property images or photos, following the guidelines below:

How to upload videos of your properties on jiji

Follow the step-by-step guide below to upload videos to your jiji sellers account for property, cars and other business categories:

  • With a clear camera, record a detailed and short videos of your property or products
  • Edit the videos if need be (this is optional; you can use the video without editing.)
  • Create a Youtube Channel or you can upload to any existing Youtube channel
  • Upload the video and copy the video url
  • Then paste the link or url of the video in the section provided on jiji during posting.

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Writing a Compelling Description: Capturing Potential Buyers’ Attention

Description is an important section in posting your property on jiji. The description should carry the address, name, square meter, fully, semi or unfurnished, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location and other important information that would attract the buyer to calling you or sending you a text message to schedule a date for inspection or for instant purchase.

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Setting the Right Price: Strategies for Success

Ensure that you do not set price that are too high as this might scare buyers away from your property. It is best that you set prices on your properties postings and enable negotiable features; this will compel interested buyers to contact you fast! thereby increasing your chance of selling.

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Selecting the Correct Category and Location: Targeting Your Audience

Ensure that you select the right ads category while posting your properties on jiji. There are basically 3 categories on jiji namely: Others, Property and cars. Therefore, you are advised to chose property category when posting. You should also select the right location of the property so that people can know the exact location of the property in case they want to come around for inspection. After doing these, jiji will filter your targeted audience and push your property postings to the right people.

Contact Information and Privacy Settings: How to Stay Safe

As stated at the beginning of this article, you should ensure that your email and phone number is confirmed so that your contact information will be displayed alongside all your ads. in addition, your contact address should also be up to date.

Managing Inquiries and Communication: Interacting with Potential Buyers

Another important practice in posting and managing your property postings is to always reply the messages from interested customers or buyers. managing inquires is essential as this can increase the chances of you selling faster on jiji. You should quickly reply messages and also provide your whatsapp number for further communications. These good practices will help you build good trust and relationship with your potential customers after posting properties on jiji.

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Promoting Your Property: Jiji’s Featured Options

After posting your property which is before you have gone for the best ads package to boost your properties, you should also consider enabling some premium features that comes with your ads packages. For instance, if you have gone for any diamond and enterprise ads packages, you should ensure that your bonuses for prosales are enabled by setting a good bid campaign. you should also apply the Top+ on your property listings.

Monitoring Your Listings: Making Necessary Updates

monitoring your property listings on jiji is the process of constantly checking that your ads are performing well; this can be seen from the pro sales option, you will see the list of products that are not performing well which you can correct. Correction involves you adjusting the descriptions on your property listings, editing your prices, and checking if the images or pictures are clear enough.

Closing the Deal: Negotiation and Finalizing the Sale

Closing deal, negotiation and finalizing sale is the ultimate reason for advertising with jiji. If you have followed the above mentioned guides on how to post your properties on jiji, closing deals will be much easier. Also, ensure that you plead with the buyer to help you leave a good review on your account upon satisfaction.

Tips for Successful Selling on Jiji: Do’s and Don’t s

The do’s of posting properties on jiji are explained above. However, the don’t s on posting properties on jiji are that: you should never post properties that you do not own or have access to, Do not rude to your buyers or prospective buyers, do not use an email address that you do not have access to, etc.

Utilizing Jiji’s Community: Learning from Other Sellers’ Experiences.

I have spoken with lots of successful property sellers on jiji, they will always advise any seller on jiji to follow the above guides as this will increase their chances of selling their properties.

How To Post Properties On jiji


In conclusion, you can post your properties on jiii by chatting with us on +2347066123112 or by creating your jiji account, preparing your listings, uploading property images and videos, writing a compelling description, setting the right price, selecting the right category and location, managing inquiries and communications, promoting your property with features options, monitoring your property listings, closing deals and sales.


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