How To Register, Sell And Buy On Jiji

How To Register, Sell And Buy On Jiji

How To Register, Sell And Buy On Jiji

Right in this article, I will be guiding you on how to perform the major activities on jiji such as account free registration, selling and buying on jiji. We are going to be looking at jiji as an online market place, how to post free ads on jiji, buyers guide, the overall buying and selling processes on jiji which includes, buying and selling cars, shoes, bags, furniture, clothing, property, phones, etc. We will also be explaining in details: jiji online arena for sellers, jiji advert, how to make sales on jiji and lots more.

So let’s get started!

About jiji

The word jiji means gender neutrality; it is an online market place for all gender to meet, buy and sell products and services. However, jiji is popularly known as a classified online marketplace where businesses and buyers meets to exchange goods and services for money. the word classified means that after jiji connects a businesses to buyers, they leave it there for the conversation to continue between the business and the buyers. For more information on this, read: Meaning Of jiji The online marketplace

Get To Know

On the other hand, is a country operational code for jiji in Nigeria. Since jiji originated from Nigeria, it will interest you that the sales support is very amazing here. They practically have a stand by sales support for to attend to your registration, selling and buying needs. This sale support can be reached via whatsapp or call on 07066123112. (Jiji Support: Call Or WhatsApp To Register Your Business. Free!)

Nigerian online marketplace

Online marketplace in Nigeria has taken a huge turn. It has revolutionized the entire online space, helping lots of sellers sell their products and services to lots of interested buyers. It has all started with OlX in Nigeria before they acquired olx… following jiji online marketplace in Nigeria are: Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Bumpa. amongst others.

How To Post free ads on jiji

Yes! posting ads on jiji is free depending on your business category. For instance, those into fashion are allowed to post 5 free ads while those into real estate, cars and others can only post few free ads provided they have had an active subscription that just expired not long ago (up to 12 months). However, in order to post free ads on jiji, you need to: – Create or register a seller account on jiji by reaching out to jiji sales support on whatsapp (07066123112) – login into your seller’s account – configure your seller’s account – start posting your free listings

Buyers: How To Buy On Jiji

It is important to learn how to buy safely on jiji. This is because as a classified online market place, it is important to learn the rules buying in the online space in order to avoid stories that touch the heart. So buying on jiji is very simple. All you need to do is to visit jiji official website using your browser or through the jiji app and search for sellers of the product you want to buy, reach out to them via call or direct chat using jiji platform. Once you conclude on a meeting point to see the product, go and see that the product is in good working condition before you make any payment. However, if the seller of the product is far from where you stay, you can always wait for the product to be delivered to your location before you make any payments. This is the buyers guide on jiji official website. For more information , read: how to buy on jiji: complete guide

How To Buy and sell on jiji

As earlier said in this article, that jiji is a classified online market place for both buyers and sellers, it is however very important to know how to perform these two main actions: buying and selling. The previous point in this article, we have explained how to buy on jiji. However, in order to start selling anything on jiji, you first need to register a professional sellers account. Here is a detailed guide on how to do that: Requirements To Register Your Business On Jiji

How To Buy and sell Cars on jiji

Following the recent purchase of cars45 by jiji which was rebranded to jiji cars, jiji has now become one of the most widely used platform to buy and sell your cars faster than you can ever imagine. in order to buy any car on jiji from any part of the world, all you need to do is to visit jiji official website using your browser or the mobile app, search for the car you want to buy (fairly used and brand new) and boom! you will see hundred or thousands of sellers across your country selling at various prices. You can reach out to them via call, chat or wahtsapp in order to complete your purchase. However, in order to sell your cars on jiji as a car dealer or vendor or if it is your personal car you want to sell, the first thing you need to do is to contact jiji sales support via whatsapp on 07066123112 to create a professional seller's account for you. Then you will be guided on how to properly set up you account so as to have your business ready to receive order and also to enjoy other good benefits of using the jiji platform such as: ranking your business on Google search, appearing on the first search result page on jiji platform, etc. Also read: Sell Your Cars On | Cost Of Advertising Cars On jiji 

Buy and sell Shoes on jiji

Shoes is a very well known product in the fashion industry. In fact in jiji, it is one of the major sub fashion category. As such, it is important to learn how to buy and sell shoes on jiji online. In order to buy any shoes, kindly visit jiji website and search for the shoe of interest and contact the seller that has your choice of shoe advertised. On the other hand, in order to sell any shoe on jiji, proceed to create a seller account, then subscribe for any of the jiji boost ads packages for others category, click on sell, click on category, select shoes as sub category and fill all necessary fields. once done, click on post. Hurray! your shoe product will be reviewed and published in few minutes. You might also like to see: How long does it take to review an ad on jiji

How To Buy and sell Bags online with jiji

Yes! bags is another amazing fashion sub category. you can buy and sell these bags on jiji: Tote Bag, Shoulder Bag, Crossbody Bag, Clutch, Backpack, Duffel Bag, Satchel, Messenger Bag, Hobo Bag, Bucket Bag, Clutch Wallet, Trolley Bag, Tote Backpack, Beach Bag, Fanny Pack, Briefcase, Camera Bag, Saddle Bag, Laptop Bag, Gym Bag, etc. in order to buy or sell any of this, kindly contact jiji sales support via whatsapp on 07066123112.

Listing Your Furniture on jiji

Furniture is a luxury product online. Selling it online is very lucrative and easy, especially selling on jiji. In order to start selling or listing your furniture on jiji, you need to create a seller account, go for any ads package on jiji in the others category (preferably VIP, diamond or enterprise ads package), then, you can start listing your furniture. Check out: Jiji Diamond Premium Package | Ads Cost And Effectiveness

Advertising and selling Clothing on jiji

Clothing category includes products such as : Tops (shirts, blouses, sweaters, T-shirts), Bottoms (pants, jeans, skirts, shorts), Dresses, Outerwear (coats, jackets, blazers), Suits and formal wear, Active wear, etc. Since clothing is one of the basic needs of man, the demand online is very high. However, you can sell your clothing and its materials with ease on jiji using any of the ads packages on jiji (How To Register, Sell And Buy On Jiji)

Property listings on jiji

Property listings or real estate is one of the major business category on jiji after cars category that sells so well. you can list and sell your houses and apartments, lands, event centers, etc on jiji. However in order to perform well on jiji, I always advise businesses to subscribe for an ads package with lots of amazing features such as Prosales, Ads auto renewal time, etc. one of such good package is the boost diamond ads package. (How To Register, Sell And Buy On Jiji)

Buying and selling Phones and Smartphone

Electronics is undoubtedly one of the most sought after equipment of the 21st century; this is because of its wide use in various business niches to carry out day to day activities. However, jiji is that perfect place to buy and sell both fairly used and brand new phones & smartphones, Laptops, etc. Kindly follow the guide above to buy or register to start selling your electronics on jiji. This article gives a detailed explanation on this subject: How to sell laptops or pc on jiji | Business Registration

Understanding the Online arena

It is however important to understand jiji interface and platform: There are basically five (5) major icons to navigate or manage your jiji seller’s account. Some of these icons are for buyers as well: Home icon; this is the general interface for both buyers and sellers where all categories are displayed showing list of advertisers on jiji. Saved icon; this is an icon or section that allows buyers to save an ad to favorite so that they can revisit for consideration. Sell icon; this is a major icon for registered or subscribed sellers on jiji that allows them to start listing their products instantly in order to go live. Messages; the messages icon is used to monitor the number of messages, replied, spam, un replied, etc. messages on both sellers and buyers on jiji. Profile; Profile happens to be the last but very crucial icon on jiji interface that gives both buyers and sellers the ability to configure their accounts correctly. For additional information read: jiji seller center (complete guide)

Sellers Registration On Jiji

In order to register your business on jiji as a seller, it is important that you get the following ready: business name, business address, business phone number, active email address (business email or personal), About your company or business, your name. Once these are ready, reach out to the popular jiji sales support on whatsapp on 07066123112 for your professional seller’s account to be created.

Cost Of Advertisements (monthly subscriptions)

As earlier stated, in this article, after creating your seller account on jiji as a vendor or as a seller, the next thing to do is to consider any of the advert pricing on jiji (top ads or boost ads). These ads packages are split into 3 categories (Cars Category, Property category and Others category). Also note that each categories has 5 to 6 boost packages which are: Basic, premium. VIP, VIP Gold, Diamond And Enterprise boost packages (How To Register, Sell And Buy On Jiji)

How To Post an Advert On Jiji

Putting up your advertisements on jiji can be free (no promo meaning not promoted) or paid (boost promo: meaning promoted with boost package plans or top ads). However in order to post your ads, you need to put lots of things into consideration as we will be discussing below in this article. some of things to put into consideration are: your photos, Email address, product titles and descriptions, phone numbers, etc.

  • Photos on jiji Ads

One of the things to pay close attention to when putting up your ads on jiji is the images or photos on jiji it is important to note that jiji only accepts images that are not above 5mb in size, images that are jpg, PNG or JPEG. Jiji also do not allow screen shorted images on your jiji ads or images you copy directly from another seller on jiji. If you perform any of these you might get error messages from jiji such as: this images have been uploaded by another user on jiji, declined ads due to screenshot, image size must not be greater than 5mb, etc.

  • Category

Another important factor when putting out your ads on jiji is the category. This is important because it helps jiji to put your ads listings in the right category, hence pushing it to the right audience. Category refers to the class of your product. example includes fashion. under fashion category we have other sub categories such as jewelry, clothing, shoes, bags, etc.

  • Title

The title of your product or item is so important when posting your ads on jiji this is because it is what tells people the name of your product. It is also a very good determinant factor in ranking your products at the top of Google result page and on jiji’s platform. However, you title should be brief and catchy, it should also be the exact name of the product you have are intending to upload.

  • Description
Describe your products well with all the possible keywords that can give your product more traffic from google and on jiji platform. Your product description is basically where you tell people what your product is all about and what makes your product more unique than others in the online space. As such, it requires to be well constructed with the right keyword and title of the product included. if you don't know how to write ann appealing description for your products, you can use the free Open Source AI (CHATGPT)
  • Fair price

Another important factor to consider when listing your products on jiji ads is to set a fair price; a price that can be negotiated, that is not too high, affordable for your product niche. A business with affordable or fairer prices on their products stands a better chance of selling more, compared to a business with very high price tag on jiji.

  • Email Confirmation and configuration

when posting your ads on jiji, you should also be sure that your email has been confirmed and correct. This is because jiji will be sending to that your email actions going on in your account such as: new buyers inquiries, chat replies, new chats, password reset or change, account login notifications, phone number correction, etc.

How To Register, Sell And Buy On Jiji

  • Phone number

Your phone number on your registered jiji account needs to be correct and reachable that is why you are required to confirm the number just to help the jiji team know that you are in possession of that number and that you can answer Incoming calls when buyers start calling.

How to connect your online accounts to your jiji account

You can link your Facebook, and Google Account to your jiji account. this settings can be found on your personal details settings (Ads Page); When you click on profile from your jiji app or website, click on personal details or profile settings, scroll down and toggle the Facebook and google button ON in order to connect to these social accounts.

How To Sell Faster Online With Jiji

After following through our guide above, you are all set to start selling on jiji but you also need to properly monitor the traffic, and calls jiji will be providing you with. You need to constantly reply messages from the jiji app, pick calls always, adjust the region where you want your advert to be displayed to your potential customers or buyers, and also check your traffic statistics so that you can perform proper follow up on customers that have viewed your phone number but haven’t placed a call yet or buyers that have saved your products as favorite. Also see: How To Sell On Jiji In Nigeria

How To Register, Sell And Buy On Jiji


Finally, this post has offered a detailed explanation on how to access and use Jiji, the popular online marketplace. It covers important topics including creating a free account and buying and selling things like apparel, gadgets, vehicles, shoes, bags, and furniture on Jiji. It also emphasizes the need of generating appealing adverts with accurate information and reasonable pricing. Understanding the platform’s capabilities, integrating your social media accounts, and keeping quick replies to questions and messages are critical for success on Jiji. Jiji provides a user-friendly online marketplace to explore, engage, and perform transactions, whether you’re a buyer or a vendor. So, let’s get started with Jiji and make the most of this adaptable buying and selling platform in Nigeria. (by webemtech IT)

How To Register, Sell And Buy On Jiji

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