How To Sell On Jiji In Nigeria

How To Sell On Jiji In Nigeria

Selling on jiji in Nigeria shouldn’t be stressful with our simple guide below. This is the same guide we have given to most successful sellers on jiji in Nigeria. At the end of this guide, you will be able to: create a seller account on jiji, register your business on jiji, pay for jiji ads packages and know the various features of the ads packages on jiji that will scale your business selling processes on jiji and you will also be able to directly speak with a jiji sales support via call/whatsapp.

How to sell on jiji in Nigeria

follow the simple step by step guide to start selling on jiji in Nigeria

  • Call/Whatsapp jiji sales support on 07066123112 to guide you on business account registration on jiji
  • Take a clear picture of your products and services. (inquire from jiji sales support the number of images per product)
  • Get your email address ready
  • Also get your business phone number ready
  • Come up with a compelling business description
  • Business address/location
  • Your profile name on jiji should be ready
  • submit via whatsapp/call 07066123112 (jiji sales support) for your business account registration on jiji

After providing the above information(s) to jiji sales support, chat up on whatsapp so that you can have a proper brake down of the various cost of advertisement on jiji (boost ads packages), how to subscribe and how to post an effective advertisement on jiji

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The article above provides a concise guide on how to sell on Jiji in Nigeria. It outlines the following key steps: creating a seller account on Jiji, registering your business on the platform, paying for Jiji ads packages, understanding the features of these ads packages to enhance your business, and getting in touch with Jiji sales support via call or WhatsApp (07066123112). The step-by-step process involves contacting Jiji sales support for business account registration, preparing clear product/service images, having an email address and business phone number ready, crafting a compelling business description, and submitting the required information for account registration. Lastly, it encourages reaching out to Jiji sales support for information on the costs of advertisements and how to effectively post them on the platform.

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