How To Sell Phones On Jiji | Business Registration

How To Sell Phones On Jiji | Business Registration

How To Sell Phones On Jiji | Business Registration

Are you a business owner that deals with mobile phones of all types and you are searching for how to register your phone business on jiji and start selling? Search no more, we are here to guide you step-by-step on how you can start by registering your phone business on jiji and how you can start selling with ease. We will also be guiding you through on the various cost of advertisements on jiji for phone dealers or businesses, their features and expected results. (guide by our jiji sales support)

Why is jiji the best place to sell your phones?

Selling online has become the norms of almost every business; this is because of the evolution of technology and digitization. We can see this in the emergence of various online marketplaces of which one is the classified online marketplace ( amongst others. So here, I will be explaining why jiji is the best place to sell your phones: With the monthly statistics from jiji reading to be over 200 million unique visitors, and being the number one classified online marketplace in Nigeria and in other African countries, it is of no doubt obvious that jiji has the audience or market to help you sell or advertise your phones. Also, jiji is the best place to sell your phones as a business owner or individual because jiji allows sellers to advertise both fairly used and brand new items; this is very important especially in a country like Nigeria where the economy is still growing. Jiji also has affordable advertisement packages for phone sellers/dealers to sell on jiji. Above all, phone dealers can now key into jiji newly introduced bonuses for prosales that allows sellers to advertise their products based on bid.

How to register your phone business on jiji and start selling

In order to register your phone business and start selling on jiji, you need to get the following information ready: i. active phone number ii. Active Email Address iii. Business physical address iv. Your name v. Your business Location vi. Business logo or personal image vii. business work days and hours viii. cost of delivery.

In order to register your phone business on jiji and start selling, contact jiji sales support to create your professional seller account for you here: 07066123112 (This is important so as to make your business unique and to have jiji insider to help you resolve account related issues in due time).

Types of phones to sell on jiji

Jiji allows sellers to advertise or sell both fairly used and brand new phones on jiji. This implies that if you have UK used, Nigerian used or generally local and foreign used phones, you can take images of these phones and upload them on jiji to be advertised which will eventually lead to you selling these phones in due time. You can sell all android, Apple and other brands of phone that are in good working condition on jiji.

How to post Phones on jiji | image sizes, dimensions, features, descriptions and prices

In order to post your phones on jiji to be advertised, you need to firstly, take clear pictures of your phones (2 images each), know the features of the phones such as: battery life span, name of phone, ram and rom size, screen size, etc. You should also have a flexible price tag on your phones on jiji e.g. put a price tag that are negotiable for buyers, select the location in Nigeria where you want your advertisement to be published, and add an appealing description for the phone brand or type you want to sell

Ads packages on jiji to sell your phones | Cost of Advertisement

To sell your phones on jiji, you need to post or upload your phones, but before you can upload your phones you need to buy one of jiji boost packages. These boost packages vary depending on the result you want and the number of phones you want jiji to advertise for you. These ads packages are 6 in number, namely: Basic, Premium, VIP, VIP gold, Diamond and Enterprise Ads packages. The cheapest cost of advertising your mobile phones is #20,999 for a month (jiji premium ads package for others category). This premium ads packages allows you to advertise up to 50 mobile phones. However, the package also has features and expectation. If you need to advertise higher number of items or you need more result, you should consider upgrading to higher ads packages.

How To Sell Phones On Jiji | Business Registration

Kindly note that the cost of advertising your mobile phones are subject to change due to discounts and other factors. Contact jiji sales support (jiji staff) for the most updated prices or for further guidance: 07066123112

jiji sales support Nigeria

How To Get More Buyers For your Mobile Phones On Jiji

Increase your sales on jiji for your phones by following the guide below:

  • Go for an ads package on jiji that can promote your mobile phones on facebook, Google, Youtube, etc.
  • post more products (it gives you more visibility and hence increases your sales)
  • Allow for negotiable prices (real prices)
  • Close sold items so that you won’t be getting leads for unavailable items
  • Ensure that your tops are enabled
  • Enable push notification / Email Campaign
  • Give quick response or reply to customers messaging you on jiji
  • Always try moving chat to whatsapp or collect buyers numbers to call or buy an ads package that enables whatsapp chat button on your ads


The above article has explained step-by-step to businesses and individuals who want to sell phones on jiji website. It explains why Jiji is a good place to sell, how to sign up, what kinds of phones you can sell, and how to make your phone listings look appealing. It even talks about different ways to make more people buy your phones, like using special ads and being quick to respond to messages. So, if you’re interested in selling phones online, this article can help you get started!

How To Sell Phones On Jiji | Business Registration


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