How To Use WhatsApp To Promote Your Business And Others

How To Use WhatsApp To Promote Your Business And Others

How To Use WhatsApp To Promote Your Business And Others

WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging app in the world today with over one (1) billion active users every month. When it comes to messaging, WhatsApp is number one, followed by Facebook messenger. And as such, it is very necessary for one to learn how to promote businesses on such a widely used messaging app.

In this article, I will be guiding you through how to use WhatsApp to promote your business. If you are a social media marketer, you will also learn how to promote others’ businesses through WhatsApp. This is an important digital skill to add to your archive

WhatsApp Messenger installation And Configuration

  • visit to download and install the instant messenger.
  • fill in your information such as active phone number, State/region, Profile name, and status
  • If you are a business person, you might want to download the business WhatsApp messenger app HERE. Enter your business name, and logo, list your business products and services, set up instant/away messages, etc. Business WhatsApp also gives you the ability to link your business to your Facebook page with your WhatsApp for instant messaging.

Below are the ways you can use WhatsApp to promote businesses

Create WhatsApp Broadcast Lists: WhatsApp broadcast is the process of you adding lots of people to a broadcast list so that you can forward messages to them with a single button push. In order to create WhatsApp broadcast list, click on the three dots at the top right hand side of your WhatsApp messaging app, then click on new broadcast as shown below.


After that, you can proceed to name the broadcast list and add participants to the broadcast list.

the short coming here is that all the contact you will be adding to the broadcast list will need to save your registered WhatsApp contact in their mobile phones and you will need to save theirs too. Without these, your one-time message push will not be delivered to your WhatsApp broadcast lists…

WhatsApp broadcast allows you to send messages to more persons at a time unlike WhatsApp group that is limited to 256 persons.

Create WhatsApp Groups: WhatsApp Group is the process of you Creating a group on WhatsApp where you can add maximum number of 256 persons. With WhatsApp group, you can send as many message to these groups in such a way that participants in the group can see your message and get engaged. Lots of business owners and managers, has WhatsApp group for their managed businesses, where they promote business goods and services. unlike WhatsApp broadcast, WhatsApp group doesn’t require participants to save your contact in their device, all you need to do is to save participants registered WhatsApp contact in your device.

in order to create a WhatsApp group, click on the three dots at the top right hand side of your WhatsApp messaging app, then select new group as shown in the image below:


After that, proceed to add participants to the group, then create the group name, add a description, and group icon.

WhatsApp TV or WhatsApp Status: WhatsApp Tv is not a WhatsApp that is on the television, rather, it is the process of having people view your WhatsApp status. There are lots of affiliate marketers or individuals that have thousands or millions of status views… This is a good way to promote any business (a way of putting business in front of many people)…

To create a WhatsApp status, click on the status panel of your WhatsApp then click on the camera icon to upload images or videos, or click on the pen tool to upload status in text/link format.

Every status uploaded can only stay for twenty-four (24) hours.

Forward Messages This is the process of you selecting messages on your WhatsApp groups, broadcast, or messages to forward to groups, broadcasts, or individual WhatsApp contact.

By default, WhatsApp allows you to forward messages to five (5) persons at a time… you can repeat the process over again.

Content Creation: Create unique and high-quality content to share on your WhatsApp groups, broadcast, status, or to individual WhatsApp contact… This is very important, high quality content will guarantee audience engagement which has greater chances of making real conversions.

Conclusion: WhatsApp Messenger App can help you promote your business with ease. all you need is a working android or iOS mobile phone…. you can also use WhatsApp on your pc without a mobile phone by downloading and installing bluestack on your pc.

How To Use WhatsApp To Promote Your Business And Others


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