Jiji Basic Ads Package | All You Need To Know

Jiji Basic Ads Package | All You Need To Know

Jiji Basic Ads Package | All You Need To Know

The basic boost package or ads package is the first type of ads package on jiji. this package is available on only on the Others Category on Jiji. i.e., businesses that are into real estate and cars
do not have this package available as it is too low to boost their products online.

The basic ads package or boost package promises 2 times more promotion power when compared to the free posting. However,this is the first step to joining the boost ads packages on jiji for small businesses
that wants to sell what they have using jiji platform. Below are some features of this package: Contact jiji sales support here on whatsapp: 07066123112


Features of jiji Basic Ads Package | Boost

  1. 2x more promotion power
  2. package is not available to real estate and cars business categories
  3. This package allows for limited number of products display if you are into electronics, and other competitive products. but allow more for less competitive products such as fashion, service listings, jobs, etc. the number of allowed ads for the less competitive products are between 50 upwards for this package whereas the electronics products and other competitive products only allows for maximum of 3 ads at a time for any selected duration of this package
  4. No room for website link inclusion
  5. No social media promotion
  6. No sms notifications on new messages from buyers
  7. it does not have pro-sales feature
  8. Traffic is fair
  9. Top Ads
  10. has the following allowed duration: 1 month and 3 months.
  11. The cost of this ads package is about #11,499 and is subject to change anytime on discount

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Kindly note that the features here are subject to be updated any time by jijj Team. You should also learn to work with any jiji sales support or a staff at jiji so that you can have technical assistance on your ads. For more information, call/whats app: 07066123112

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Jiji Basic Ads Package | All You Need To Know (webemtech)


JIji Basic boost ads package is best for you if you just have few products to advertise or if you are not after massive traffic. you can make sales with this ads package
and you can upgrade to a higher ads package whenever you want using your existing ads balance and simply topping up. | All Reviews On Jiji.ng (sellers and buyers)

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