Jiji Hotlines For Contact

Jiji Hotlines For Contact

Jiji Hotlines For Contact. By webemtech

Find the fastest and easiest ways to contact Jiji customer support, including sales, technical, and general support. Get a comprehensive list of Jiji hotlines, phone numbers, whatsapp and email addresses.

Below is a complete step-by-step guide on the various means of contacting jiji hotlines for account creation, account management, ads performance report, most updated cost of advertisements on jiji, how to post an effective ads, seller’s account overview, etc.

Jiji Hotlines for Contact Outlines

  1. What are Jiji hotlines?
  2. Types of Jiji hotlines
  3. How to contact Jiji hotlines
  4. What to expect when you call a Jiji hotline
  5. Tips for using Jiji hotlines effectively

What are jiji hotlines?

Jiji hotlines are the various means of contacting or reaching out to jiji customer support, including sales, technical, and general support. Reaching out to jiji through any of these means is important as it is a good way of staying at the top of your advertisement on jiji, it helps you get professional advice and tips from jiji.ng main support.

Types of Jiji hotlines

Jiji has 3 main hotlines or means of contacting jiji. They include

  • Phone number or call: You can call jiji via direct phone call through the number: 07066123112
  • Whatsapp: You can as well chat jiji up on whatsapp for instant response using the phone number: 07066123112
  • Email Address: Email is one of the ways through which you can reach out to jiji. You can send email messages to support@jiji.ng

How To Contact jiji hotlines

In order to reach out to jiji via any of the hotlines mentioned above, follow the guide below

  • How to contact jiji customer support by call: Ensure that you are calling between the hours of 7am in the morning to 9pm in the evening, as this is the official work hours of jiji customer support. On your phone, dial 07066123112 (ensure that you have airtime on your phone, as the call is not free)
  • How to contact jiji on whasapp: contacting jiji via whatsapp happens to be the fastest,e easiest and cheapest means of reaching out to jiji. All you need to do is to open your whatsapp and add the number (07066123112) and send “hi” or “hello”. Within few seconds, a support will start chatting with you instantly. However, the importance of using the whatsapp contact option is that you can send out messages anytime of the day and you will get instant response unlike the call option
  • How to contact jiji by email: In order to contact jiji hotline using the email option, sign into your registered email with jiji and click on compose email. enter the recipient as support@jiji.ng, enter your email subject and body and click on send. Kindly note that email is not as fast as direct phone call or whatsapp messages; this is because, your message will have to join the waiting list to be attended to (in most cases, it could take over a week of response time)

What to expect when you call a Jiji hotline

When you reach out to jiji via any of the hotline or contact options, you should know the phone number tied to your jiji account, your business name and email address. This is because these are the information needed by jiji customer support to run a quick check on your account and give possible recommendations or solution

Tips for using Jiji hotlines effectively

When using any of the hotlines for jiji, you should be very brief and direct so that the support of jiji can better understand your questions or inquiry and can recommend the best solution for you.


In the article above, we have explained in details the 3 major ways of reaching out to jiji hotlines. they include by email, phone call and whatsapp. However, the fastest, easiest and most reliable is by whatsapp to the number: 07066123112.

Jiji Hotlines For Contact
Jiji Hotlines For Contact

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