Jiji Paid Ads Vs Free Posting; Vendors Review

Jiji Paid Ads Vs Free Posting; Vendors Review

Jiji Paid Ads Vs Free Posting; Vendors Review

So let’s talk about jiji free postings and the paid or premium packages. What are the features and benefits of these? Is jiji premium or paid packages worth it? What are the expectations
from free postings on jiji and the paid or premium packages. If you are looking up for these answers, here is the right place, because we are going to be discussing these. the answers here are from verified vendors or business owners who has registered on jiji for over a year.

As a Marketing manager/sales support (07066123112) at Jiji with over a year of work experience, I believe that you will find my review with other vendors useful to guide you on jiji paid ads vs free postings.


Let’s get Started:

Jiji paid or premium Ads | packages

let’s talk about the premium packages of jiji, is it worth it? are people making sales? what are the best selling products on jiji for the paid packages, etc. (vendors review)
When it comes to the paid or premium packages on jiji, there are lots of things you need to take into consideration in order to increase your sales. But before then, let’s answer
the question ‘Is jiji premium or paid ads effective?’ The answer YES. Jiji paid or premium ads are very effective once you follow the guidelines below. (Jiji Paid Ads Vs Free Posting; Vendors Review)

Jiji paid or premium Ads Guidelines

For assistance or guide, contact jiji sales support on whatsapp: 07066123112
Before you pay for the premium or paid packages on jiji, take note of the following

  1. Know the category or niche of your business
  2. Follow check if your business category performs well on jiji. (every category has performance rating, based on customers demand)
  3. Make sure you have a clear picture of your products or that you have a good camera to take your product images.
  4. Do not edit your product images by adding filters using any photo editing software (snap it as it is). This is because customers would suspect of you not having the real product.
  5. Have an active phone number and an email address
  6. You must have an Android or IOS Phone in order to access your performance on jiji app or website
  7. Look for any jiji Sales Manager to work with or that will help monitor your account
  8. Once your ads start running, always make sure that your phone is on in order to access calls and messages
  9. Go For a higher jiji premium packages for optimal performance
  10. Ensure to close sold items in your ads section. If you don’t know how to do this, consult your account manager

Note: Jiji Premium Packages varies in features. You should ask your account manager to know the package that will best scale your products online.


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Jiji free posting | Free registration

I know you love free things, lols, “everyone does” (says a vendor in FCT Abuja Nigeria). Yes, so jiji offers both vendors and individuals the ability to post for free online using the platform
Free posting on jiji Africa has been in existence since the inception of Jiji. You can post as items for free without paying anything. But you should also know that anything that is free can not be
compared to a paid one. For instance, a vendor at Lagos (center of excellence) once asked me “sir, why is it that I just receive a 3 calls from people making enqiry about my product for a whole month?
When i heard this, I asked her the paid package that she is in, she told me that she is on the free posting package. I then told her that she should not expect so much from free posting as the products
are not boosted alongside the paid or premium advertisers. In the other hand, a man into electronics in Enugu once told me that the biggest contract he has ever received since he started his business was
from jiji and he only posted for free without any charges.
What this means is that free posting could be effective with a good business niche or category and in most cases, an individual or business can also be lucky to be contacted big time!

For More Tips on this, read our guide on the best selling products on jiji here


from the review above from vendors and jiji marketing manager, we can see that the free ads and paid or premium ads on jiji are both effective only that the paid packages are more effective than the free postings, but in most cases, a single call from a free posting on jiji could revolutionize everything (it might take a while, you might sell, you might not sell). But a paid ads on jiji gives you constant sales with daily calls, messages, call request, good traffic, etc. Also, you should know your business niche or category so that you can chose the best ads campaign that will be most efficient for you.

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Jiji Paid Ads Vs Free Posting; Vendors Review

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