jiji payment methods (how to make payments)

jiji payment methods (how to make payments)

If you are a registered seller on jiji , you might have heard that jiji has lots of advertisement packages for sellers to key into in order to have their products and services listed and promoted on jiji. However, after considering the various cost of advertisement or ads packages on jiji and their features, the next big thing is to inquire on how to make payment or on the payment methods available on jiji. So in this article, I will be guiding your step by step on the various payment methods available on jiji for your ads packages or for anything related to paying on jiji.

Kindly note: jiji will never request a buyer to make payment to corporate account (this is because jiji is a classified online market place that promotes sellers adverts) so all payment info provided for buyers should be the sellers account information not from jiji (Beware!)- read: how to buy on jiji: complete guide to have a full understanding on how to safely navigate jiji as a buyer.

jiji sales support: 07066123112

jiji payment methods (how to make payments)

Below are the various payment methods available on jiji for sellers

  • payment via bank: This involves jiji generating a payment invoice for your to make direct payment to jiji corporate account including the payment ID.
  • Online payment: this involves you using USSD, card, or direct bank transfer payment method to pay for your subscriptions

Note to avoid errors during payment, kindly contact jiji sales support for guide via call/whatsapp on 07066123112

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