jiji sales manager: Contact details

jiji sales manager: Contact details

jiji sales manager: Contact details

Meet the Awesome Jiji Sales Manager! 🌟👋 Want to sell stuff online like a pro? Our expert sales manager is here to help! 🚀💼 Get in touch for super cool tips and tricks to boost your sales on Jiji. 📞👨‍💼 Don’t wait, start selling like a champ today! #JijiSalesManager #OnlineSales #TipsAndTricks

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jiji sales manager: Contact details

the easiest or fastest way to contact jiji sales manager is via sending email to contact@jiji.ng or call a jiji sales support here: +2347066123112 for quick guide or assistance.

If you sell any product or service on jiji, there is always a need to reach out to jiji sales manager online. You might want to get clarity on your ads performance, ads packages, proposals, tips on how to sell fast on jiji, etc.

Who is jiji sales manager?

jiji sales manager (offline sales executives/acquisition manager) are trained individuals by jiji with the right visit, register and manager business on jiji. Their responsibilities are not limited to full modification of seller’s account for the effective and smooth selling process of registered sellers on jiji. contact one of jiji sales manager or support on +2347066123112

Kindly note that the contact details above is the whatsapp number of one of jiji sales manager (offline sales executive).
However, an offline sales manager has the right to check your ads, create an effective and professional sellers account on jiji, manage any jiji seller’s account, help post and modify seller’s adverts on jiji, has direct access to jiji senior support team, can visit your business location for one on one meeting, etc.



In conclusion, jiji sales manager can be contacted by whatsapp with the number: +2347066123112. Imagine having a super cool sales manager on Jiji who’s like a physical mentor for your account. They will create a super professional seller account on Jiji just for you! And guess what? This awesome account helps you sell your stuff faster than ever before on Jiji! It’s like having a secret tips for selling stuff online. So, get ready to rock and roll with your amazing sales manager and start selling like a pro! 😎🚀

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