Jss1 Home Economic Examination Questions: Third Term

Jss1 Home Economic Examination Questions: Third Term

Are you Looking for: home economics exam questions for jss1 second term | 1050 questions and answers in home economics | jss1 home economics first term examination | home economics objectives questions | home economics exam questions for jss1 first term? Below are compiled exam questions for third term by webemtech educationals

SUBJECT: Home Economic


1.         _______ is a place where family member stay and have emotional attachment (a) Home (b) House (c) school (d) church

2.         Rural and urban house are the same in structure (a) true (b) false (c) maybe

3.         Mud  house are  found in the ______ (a) village (b) city (c) town (d) America

4.         A single family house consist of ______ (a) one family (b) two family (c) two or more family (d) many family

5.         Multiple family house is built in the _____ (a) rural area (b) swampy area (c) urban area (d) sandy area

6.         Bamboo house is made from _____ (a)Bamboo stick (b) bamboo root (c) stick (d) dust bin

7.         _____ is normally made from liantless cloth(a)  Broom (b) Duster (c) Parket (d) Dust bin

8.         Broom and duster have  the same uses at home (a) True (b) false (c) maybe

9.         ______ is used to remove cobwebs from ceiling (a) Duster(b) Rake (c) Parket (d) broom

10.       ______broom is sued to sweep the compound (a) Cong (b) short (c) Strong (d) Soft

11.       Receiving people in a home and giving them food and drink means _______________ (a) Entertainment (b) Party (c) Christmas (d) Holiday

12.       The person who is entertain is known as _______ (a)Visitor (b) friends (c) guest (d) Host

13.       A male that entertain a guest is known as  (a)host (b) hostess (c) Chairman (d) Chet

14.       A female that entertain a guest is known as _________ (a) mother (b) father (c) hostess (d) female host

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15.       Cooking tools include all the following except __(a) pot (b) gas bimer (c) spoon (d) tray

16.       One of the following is used to serve food  (a) spoon (b) cup (c) plate 9d) tray

17.       Invitation  letters are sent to the _______ (a) family (b) church (c) school (d) guest

18.       The blend of so many fruits to get a drink is known as ______ (a) five alive (b) fruit salad (c) fruit drink (d) pastries (also see: Jiji Whatsapp Number | Contact Us Now!)

19.       _____is used to sieve the fruits blend (a) sieve (b) mush cloth (c) school uniform (d) cup

20.       One of the following is added in fruit drink (a) sugar  (b) salt (c) baking power (d) egg

21.       Meat pie can either be baked or ______ (a) steam (b)Boiled (c) cooked (d) fried

22.       A roller and a chopping board is used to _________ the dough (a) kneed (b) mix (c) cut (d) melt

23.       How many basin of water did you need when washing plate (a) one (b) two (c) three

(d) six

24.       Soap/detergent and _____ are need when washing plate (a0 kiln (b) broom (c) duster (d) sponge

25.       A machine that is used is joining piece of clothing materials together is called ___ _____ (a) weaving machine (b) crocheting pin (c) sewing machine (d) needle and thread

26.       There are _____ types of sewing machine(a) three (b) two (c) one (d) five

27.       Electric sewing machine is operated with the aid of an ___________ (a) electric magnet (b) electric meter (c) electric magnetic (d) leg

28.       Simple personal materials and house hold articles can be constructed using a needle and thread 9a0 true (b) false (c) maybe

29.       Pastries products are made from (a) fruit (b0 flour (c) cassava paste (d) yam paste

30.       Corn flour can be used to produce Chin Chin (a) true (b) false(c) may be

Jss1 Home Economic Examination Questions: Third Term Theory (Answer only 3 questions)

1.         Define a home

(i) Mention two types of houses in rural area

(ii) Mention two types of house in urban area

(iii) mention four uses of a broom

2.         Mention 5 ways we can cane for a broom

2b.       mention 4 ways we can cane for a duster

3.         Define Entertainment

3b.       mention seven simple cooking and serving tools

4.         Mention ten general responsibilities of a host/ hostess

5.         Mention five ingredients used in producing meat pic

5b.       Mention the procedure for producing meat pic

6.         Mention five fruits that can be sued in producing fruit drinks

6b.       Mention the step in producing fruit drinker


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