JSS2 Phonics Examination Questions For Third Term

JSS2 Phonics Examination Questions For Third Term


SUBJECT: Phonics

Section A (Objective) Instruction: Answer all Question (contact)

  1. How would you divide the word classroom into syllables? (a)clas/sroom (b)cla/ss/room (c)class/room (d)cl/aas/room
  2. Which word has a short I sound? (a)bit (b)bite (c)bee (d)beautiful
  3. The number of monophthong in English sound is (a)8 (b)24 (c)12 (d)46
  4. The total number of sounds in English Language is (a)12 (b)8 (c)20 (d)44
  5. Which one of the following is not an organ of speech? (a)neck (b)tongue (c)lips (d)vocal chord
  6. We need an air stream mechanism for the (a)production of speech (b)digestion process (c)blood circulation process (d)dexidation process
  7. What is essential to acquire a good pronunciation in English language? (a) a lot of conscious efforts (b)a lot of systematic efforts (c) a lot of regular practice (d) all of the above
  8. Our respiratory system consists of (a)lungs (b)air pipe (c)nostrils (d)all of the above
  9. The hard convex surface just behind the upper front teeth is called? (a)soft palate (b)teeth ridge (c)hard palate (d)none of the above (related: Phonics Examination Questions For JSS1 Third Term)
  10. Diphthong is a ___________ (a)pure vowel sound (b)pure consonant sound (c)vowel glides or mixed vowel sounds (d)none of the above
  11. The letters a, e, I, o, u, in English alphabets are called? (a)clusters (b)Consonants (c)Vowels (d)words
  12. The letters of English alphabet other than vowels are called (a)words (b)vowels (c)Clusters (d)consonants
  13. When are sound is given by two consonants, it is called ________ (a)vowel sound (b)consonant sound (c)single sound (d)consonant cluster
  14. The example of consonant cluster is ___________ (a)sea (b)guard (c)guilty (d)play
  15. The following does not belong to the basic component of speech (a)stress (b)rhythm (c)poem (d)intonation
  16. The degree of force with which sound or syllable of a word is “uttered” is called (a)intonation (b)stress (c)rhythm (d)pause
  17. “The change of pitch of voice” is called (a)stress (b)rhythm (c)pause (d)intonation
  18. The rise and fall of pitch in voice is called (a)flueny (b)pause (c)intonation (d)stress
  19. “The smallest unit of words” is called (a)phoneme (b)allophone (c)juncture (d)morpheme
  20. “The study of articulation, transmission and reception of speech sound” is called (a)linguistics (b)morphology (c)phonetics (d)syntax

JSS2 Phonics Examination Questions For Third Term


Direction: Answer all the question

  1. Chose the correct suffixes for these words and write them in the right-hand column

Choice of spelling                                                  Correct spelling

  • Give the correct homophone of the following words
  • Dye
  • Hymn
  • Police
  • Prophet
  • Suite | Home
  • Write a short note on the unique sound called “Schwa” (the /Ə/ sound)
  • Oral

Identify and pronounce the following sounds

  1. /ᴈ:/
  2. /Ə/
  3. /ᴐ:/
  4. / dᴣ/
  5. / ʧ /

JSS2 Phonics Examination Questions For Third Term

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