JSS2 Pre-vocational Studies (PVS) Examination Questions For First Term

JSS2 Pre-vocational Studies (PVS) Examination Questions For First Term

Are you getting ready for the JSS2 Pre-vocational Studies (PVS) Examination? We’ve got you covered with awesome first-term exam questions! They’re super helpful and will make studying fun. Get ready to do your best and shine in your studies with our special exam materials made just for you. Don’t miss out on this chance to succeed! gain access to our over 19 pvs Objective exam questions and over 6 Theory questions below:

Section 1: PVS Objective Questions For JSS2 1st Term

  1. Which of these is the act of looking your own best in all occasion    (a)grooming   (b)Good grooming    (c)bad  grooming     (c)all of the above    (e)None of the above
  2. _____ are larger rectangular or circular farm structure used for storing grains    (a)silo     (b)fences    (c)bans    (d)soil    (e)cage
  3. Which of these is the unpleasant smell that comes from the body      (a)body smell    (b)body odour     (c)good grooming     (d)looking young      (d)all of the above
  4.    Temporary farm building is also known as ______           (a)sky cropper    (b)cave      (c)pen      (d)makeghif     (e)all of the above
  5. Which of these is a sign of puberty in boys?      (a)menstruation     (b)muscle develop      (c)breast develop    (d)Hair grow on her armpits and public region       (e)all of the above
  6. ________ is a building designed to serve a specific purpose on the farm so that farm operation are more easily carried out    (a)farm structure   (b)production    (c)storage   (d)farming system   (e)soil erosion
  7. The monthly flow of blood from the womb through vagina is called    (a)water flow    (b)menstruation (c)sperm    (d)body odour   (e)all of the above
  8. The production of new plants as an independent unity is known as  (a)propagation    (b)production   (c)pollination   (d)vegetative plant    (e)all of the above
  9. _________ and _______ are method of propagation   (a)sexual and asexual propagation   (b)natural and man-made propagation    (c)farm building and farm structure    (d)good soil and bad soil propagation    (e)all of the above
  10. Which of these is the unpleased smell that comes from the body     (a)body smell    (b)body odour   (c)body grooming    (d)body posture    (e)body structure
  11. _____ is a temporary structure constructed cheaply with stick, mud and thatch     (a)Ruhumbus    (b)silo   (c)fences    (d)water tank    (e)feed mills
  12. Human immune deficiency virus causes    (a)AIDS    (b)Syphilis    (c)Gonorrhea    (d)Malaria   (e)Tuberculosis
  13. ______ are needed for starting expensive machinery and tools    (a)farm record   (b)farming system   (c)cropping farming   (d)farmers    (e)farm building      (f)all of the above
  14. Sexually transmitted diseases is an illness that spread from one person to another through _____   (a)hand shake    (b)dancing    (c)exchange of greeting   (d)sharing of food   (e)sexual contact
  15. ________ is the fusion of male and female nudei to form a zygote which develop by cell division into an embroyo     (a)cross-pollination   (b)budding    (c)propagation    (d)fertilization    (e)all of the above. (JSS2 Pre-vocational Studies (PVS) Examination Questions For First Term )
  16. The process where a person prescribed a drug for oneself is called self ____          (a)protection     (b)discipline    (c)injection    (d)acceptance     (e)medication
  17. All of the following are advantage of sexual propagation EXCEPT   (a)it is a cheap method of propagation    (b)self-pollination give rise to offspring which are the parents   (c)seeds remain more viable than buds when properly stored  (d)increase in plant populations can easily be achieved through seeds    (e)seed germination may be poor
  18. The full means of NGO is called _____   (a)non-governmental organization   (b)all-governmental organization   (c)Nigerian goal origin    (d)National group origin    (e)all of the above
  19. The freedom and benefits that are granted to people by law is called    (a)Right    (b)law    (c)promulgation   (d)decree   (e)none of the above
  20. The removal and gathering of nature crops for processing and storage is also called   (a)seed rate   (b)tilling   (c)soil   (d)watering    (e)harvesting

JSS2 Pre-vocational Studies (PVS) Examination Questions For First Term

Section B: PVS Theory Questions For JSS2 1st Term

Answer any 4 questions here

1a.     Define farm building

1b.     What is self-medication?

2a.     Define value?

2b.    Mention three types of value

3.      List four farm structure and Draw one

4a.     What is puberty?

4b.    List 3 types of STDs

4c.     What is the full meaning of STDs?

5a.     What is body odour?

5b.    List three causes of body odour

5c.     What is propagation

6.      Draw a cross-section of a flower  showing the sexual parts. The flower should be label appropriately

JSS2 Pre-vocational Studies (PVS) Examination Questions For First Term


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