Kwara State Schools Academic Calendar 2022/2023 |1st, 2nd And 3rd Term

Kwara State Schools Academic Calendar 2022/2023 |1st, 2nd And Third Term

Kwara State Schools Academic Calendar 2022/2023 | 1st, 2nd And 3rd Term

Are you searching for Kwara State schools academic calendar for 2022/2023 first, second and third term | School Calendar For public schools in kwara state | School calendar for private schools in kwara state | Resumption Date For kwara state schools, | Private Schools | Public Schools | 2023 Closing Date for schools in kwara state, Ilorin. etc. This article will guide you on the latest update from kwara state ministry of education. by webemtech

Kwara State Schools Academic Calendar 2022/2023 {First | 1st Term}

First Term: The Official resumption date from the ministry of education for all private and public schools in Kwara state Ilorin 2022 is Nineteen of September 2022

Mid Term Break: The Mid Term Break For First Term 2022 for all schools in Kwara State Ilorin as given by kwara state ministry Of Education is twenty seventh to twenty eight of October 2022

Closing Date: Kwara State Ministry of education has stated that the closing date for all schools for first term 2022 is 16th of December 2022

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Duration: However, from the resumption date to the mid term break to the closing date should be approximately thirteen weeks in total.

Kwara State Schools Academic Calendar 2022/2023 {second |2nd Term}

Resumption Date: The resumption date for the 2022/2023 schools academic calendar in kwara state as set by kwara state ministry of education is ninth of January 2023

Mid Term Break: Schools in kwara state Ilorin Nigeria are expected to go on mid term break from sixteenth to seventeenth of February 2023.


Closure: The closing date for all schools; public and private schools in kwara state florin is fifth April, 2023.

Duration: The total weeks for this second term session 2022/2023 is thirteen weeks

2022/2023 {third | 3rd Term}

Resumption: The resumption Date For 3rd term 2022/2023 kwara state schools is set on the second of May, 2023

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Mid Term Break: From fifteenth to sixteenth of June, 2023

Closing Date of Schools 2022/2023: Twenty eight of July, 2023

Duration: 13 Weeks

Below is a table chat that represents the explanations made above:

First Term19th Of September 202227th – 28th Of October, 202216th Of December 202213 weeks
Holiday19th Of December 20228th Of January, 20233 weeks
Second Term9th January, 202316th – 17th Of February, 20235th April 202313 Weeks
Holiday11th Of April, 202330th Of April 20233 Weeks
Third Term2nd Of May, 202315th – 16th Of June, 202328th Of July 202313 Weeks
Holiday31st Of July, 202317th Of September 20237 Weeks


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