List Of Science Competitions for Secondary | High School Students 2023

List Of Science Competitions for Secondary | High School Students

List Of Science Competitions for Secondary | High School Students 2023

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This List is for you if you are searching for the list of science competitions for secondary school students 2023 | primary schools science competitions 2023| List of science competitions to register for 2023 | open science competitions 2023 | Global Science Competitions for students 2023, etc.

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Now let’s Go to the list of Science competitions for primary and secondary school students. Kindly note that some competitions here are also for graduates or undergraduates studying in any university from any part of the world.

Below are the list of Science Competitions for college | undergraduates | primary school students arranged alphabetically

  1. ABSW Young Science Writer Of The Year
  2. Analyst Schools’ Competition
  3. Big Bang Science Competition
  4. Cambridge Chemistry Race Competition
  5. Clean Tech Competition
  6. Faraday Challenge Day Science Competition
  7. Mathworks Math Modelling Challenge Competition
  8. Newnham College Essay Prize Competition
  9. Poster Science Week Science competition
  10. Quantum On The Clock Competition
  11. The Royal College of Science Union (RSCU) Science challenge
  12. Top of the Bench Chemistry Competition
  13. UK Chemistry Olympiad Competition

ABSW Young Science Writer Of The Year

ABSW young science writer competition is a prestigious science competition for students between the ages of fourteen to sixteen years (14 -16). Students who wishes to apply for the competition needs to submit eight hundred (800) words essay related to any science subject topic. The topics should be peculiar to science subjects such as engineering and technology or mathematics.
The competition is mainly for students who school from home, students who are innovative in writing on any topic related to science field….

Analyst Schools’ Competition

If you are good at solving science questions, you should register for this competition. This is a competition where participants are grouped into teams where each team will consist of three students working together to solve science questions/challenges.

Hint: The Analyst Schools’ Competition is a chemistry chemistry based science competition for students in….

Big Bang Science Competition

The Big Bang Science Competition is free and open to all undergraduates mainly based in the United Kingdom… Interested participants may register for free if they are between the ages of eleven and eighteen (11 – 18) years old and are enrolled in full-time secondary education at the time the application is submitted. Participants can apply as an individual or as a group. Thee are basically two rules….

Cambridge Chemistry Race Competition

The Cambridge Chemistry Race Competition is endorsed by the prestigious Cambridge University and and organized by the chemistry department of the university. The registration is totally free. you can register your school and the students that will form a team from your school. You are to register three (3) to five (5) students for to make your school team as this is the number of students that makes a team. Each team are given two hours to solve simple and difficult chemistry questions. Participants are required to….

Clean Tech Competition

The Clean Tech Competition is a, global contest for junior secondary/pre-college levels. The competition helps in enhancing scientific understanding of practical challenges as well as the use of environmentally friendly energy sources. Every year, the Clean Tech Competition focuses on the next significant engineering challenges by addressing a problem rooted in fundamental technological competence areas. The competition aims to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) understanding, identify outstanding potential, and train the next generation of globally competitive innovators….

Faraday Challenge Day Science Competition

Faraday Challenge is an interesting and award winning science competition that welcomes students to engineering field, teaches them to desire engineering as a career, also, assists them with acquiring logical reasoning and pragmatic abilities, for example, cooperation, critical thinking, and imaginative reasoning. The competition requires that no schools or teams should participate only once in each competition season. The competition opens for registration on Septembers and ends on the July of the following year….

Mathworks Math Modelling Challenge Competition

The mathworks Modelling Science competition is performed over the internet. The competition is programmed to strengthen student on their educational pursuit STEM. Like the Cambridge Chemistry Science challenge, the competition requires three to five participants in each team to solve practical problem. But this time around, the participants are required to solve open-end Maths Challenge within 14 hours. The emergent winner will be…..

Newnham College Essay Prize Competition

The Newnham College Essay Prize Competition is a competition for female college students in the united Kingdom. Students must be in their twelfth year in any UK state School
The competition offers prizes in various subject areas. This is one among other competitions like NTIC/NMC that awards both teachers and students who emerge winners of the competition. The winning student gets fifty percent of the award price while the school gets the remaining fifty percent for the development/growth of the school. The Competition Requires that participants….

Poster Science Week Science competition

The Poster Science Week Science Competition is a competition open only to schools in the United Kingdom, including BFPO (BFPO stands for British Services Post Office, and it is used as part of an address for letters mailed to personnel of the British military forces stationed abroad.). This competition select yearly theme to work on. The theme for year 2022 is…..

Quantum On The Clock Competition

The Quantum On The Clock Science Competition is an open competition for undergraduate students in their second year in the university that can prove Physicist Raymond wrong. Long time ago, Physicist Raymond said in quote “I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics”. So the challenge is open to any second year undergraduate who can produce a well detailed video that explains quantum technology in three minutes. The winners of this challenge will be awarded with….

The Royal College of Science Union (RSCU) Science challenge

The Royal College of Science Union (RSCU) Science competition is a competition where students are allowed to showcase their reasoning abilities in science debate and also enlightening the general public on the advantages and disadvantages of science to our society. The competition can be done by video or in written format. If you chose the video format, you are required to produce a video that is four minutes long, if it is written, the minimum acceptable words is…….

Top of the Bench Chemistry Competition

Top Of The Bench Chemistry Competition is a competition that have been functioning since 21 years age. the competition is open to students between the ages of fourteen (14) and sixteen (16) to exhibit team work and chemistry practical abilities. The emergent winner will be awarded with….

UK Chemistry Olympiad Competition

The United Kingdom Chemistry Olympiad Competition is a Competition open to brilliant chemistry students with the ability to solve practical problems with chemistry.

All college schools and undergrads with great innovative abilities and progressed critical thinking abilities can apply for this rivalry, with a chance to represent the United Kingdom worldwide science Olympiad.

List Of Science Competitions for Secondary | High School Students 2023

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