Live host- All You Need To Know About Live Host

Live host- All You Need To Know About Live Host

Live host- All You Need To Know About Live Host

The live host is very essential for taking your locally designed website to the world wide web or for designing a fresh website.
you must know how to host your website and choose the right host that will serve your small blog or website.
So in this section, I will be walking you through all you need to know about website hosting.

kindly note that we have other local hosts that you can use to host your website locally in your pc. Examples of local host are:
wamp server, xamp server, Lamp server, Mamp server, etc.

What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows people to publish their website live on the internet.
We have web hosting providers- These are organizations or companies that provide the tools you need
to accomplish web hosting. Before we dive fully into web hosting, we must discuss

  • Domain name
  • Hosting Service

Domain Name

A domain name is a universal resource locator (URL) that differentiates a particular web user/page from others. It is a name
that points to the property/webpage/website of a particular user on the web or internet.
In other words, we can say that a domain name is that unique identifier that differentiates a particular web property from others
on the internet.

Domain Name Sellers

Domain name sellers are organizations that you can purchase domain name from

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • Godaddy
  • Hostinger
  • Mocha Host
  • Squarespace
  • Hostpapa, etc.

Levels Of Domain

  • Root Domain: this is your root domain from where other extentiions are formed
  • Top Level Domain: This is also called TLD. it is your primary domain name e.g. .com, .edu, .com, etc.
  • Second Level Domain: This is the second level of your domain name like:, .au, etc.
  • Third-level domain: This is like the full extention of your domain with three extentions e.g., etc.

Domain Name Extensions

Domain name extensions are used to differentiate the use of a domain name from others. e.g. (.com is an extension that explains that a domain name is used for a commercial purpose)

Other extensions includes:

  • . org: for organizations
  • . Net: for network or service providers
  • . Biz: for customized businesses
  • .Us: strictly for Us citizens
  • . Store: for Online store, e.g e-commers
  • . online: For Online services, etc.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the process of taking an a well developed site or page to the web using the already purchased domain name or URL. It further entails the purchase of storage systems on the web, Email services, Backups, Servers, etc.

How The Web Browsers Work

  • when a user goes to a browser
  • they will enter a particular URL in the URL section
  • the browser with the help of an internet connection sends the request to the DNS server
  • the DNS server translates the URL into an IP address
  • The IP address is sent to the server (Live host)
  • The files stored in the live host is then fetched to the screen of the browser for the visitor to see.

Web Browsers

Web browsers are softwares used to surf the internet. examples includes

Note: you must test your website in most of these popular browsers. this is because web browsers treat web pages differently.
To view the web browsers most of your web visitors use, read on Google Analytics

How To Buy A domain name

  • Visit any domain name sellers, e.g.
  • Hover your mouse on domains
  • Click on register a domain name/transfer a domain name to us
  • In the search bar provided, enter a preferred domain name of your choice
  • and hit on the Domain Search icon beside the search bar. e.g. your
  • check that you are not a robot
  • wait for it to search for the availability of the domain name.
  • if the domain name is available, you will get a congratulatory message as shown in the image below:
live host
live host
  • click on add to cart

Note: you can buy a domain name from a domain name seller and host with another domain name seller that also sells hosting.

How To Buy A domain name and a Host

  • On mocha host click on hosting
  • You will be provided with various hosting packages such as Soho (ideal for a small business or blog), Business plan (ideal for a business or E-commerce website), Premium or Mocha package (Ideal for a higher traffic website).
  • Select the one that best suit your business by comparing the packages
  • After deciding on the one you want to purchase, click on order now at the button below the packages
  • Select the duration you want to be the owner of the domain e.g.3 months, 6 months, 1 year or more
  • Select where you want your server to be located e.g. USA, Singapore, Netherlands, etc.
  • Under the chose a domain, enter the required domain name of your choice and select the extension of the domain just in front of the text box.
  • click on the check (Live host- All You Need To Know About Live Host)

Note: you can also select the radio button if you want to transfer a domain name or if you wan to use an existing domain, select that.

  • if the domain is available, you will get a congratulatory message
  • Scroll down and click on continue
  • You will be required to configure your desired options and continue to checkout
  • After confirming that all options are cool, click on the continue button on the right-hand side
  • you will also see the order summary (cost of the domain name and hosting together for the period you have selected)
  • proceed to fill in your company details and fill your payment options
  • upon payment, you will be sent the login details to your Cpanel in the email you filled in during the domain name and host purchase.

How To Manually Check For Domain Name Availability

  • In the URL section of your browser, type in and hit the enter key
  • in the website, enter the domain name you want to check for its availability
  • After entering the name, hit the search button beside the text box
  • If it is available, you will see available if not, you will see unavailable.
  • To see the full information of the unavailable domain owner, click on the whois button beside the unavailable
  • You will be taken to the page to see the year of the domain purchase, the registrar, expiry date, and status, Name servers, etc.

After purchasing the domain name and host, a login to your cPanel will be sent to your email address. log in and start designing your professional website

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Live host- All You Need To Know About Live Host

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