Marketing Examination Questions For SS1 First Term

Marketing Examination Questions For SS1 First Term

by webemtech Edu.

Subject: Marketing                    

Class: S.S.S. 1

Instruction – Answer all the questions in this section

  1. _______ is the process of communicating the value of a product or services to customers     (a)marketing   (b)production   (c)costing   (d)want   (e)all of the above
  2. If an advertiser wants flexibility, timeliness, good local market coverage, broad acceptability and high believability, the advertiser will probably choose which of the following mass media types?      (a)newspaper   (b)television    (c)direct mail    (d)Radio    (e)All of the above
  3. When an international marketer sells a plant equipment or technology to another country and agrees to take payment in the resulting products. It is called ____   (a)barter    (b)buy-back    (c)counter purchase    (d)like-value exchange
  4. Even though buying roles in the family change constantly the ____ has traditionally bed the main purchasing agent for the family    (a)wife   (b)husband    (c)teenage     (d)grandparent
  5. What are the goods and services offered to the buyer by the marketer or seller called     (a)demand    (b)want    (c)product    (d)service    (e)none of the above
  6. All the followings are goal of marketing system EXCEPT ____   (a)maximize consumption   (b)maximize choice   (c)maximize profit   (d)maximize consumer satisfaction    (e)quality in marketing
  7. _____ is the process of providing a way to give your consumer what he/she wants can also be called       (a)selling    (b)barter    (c)transaction     (d)product    (e)all of the above
  8. The ancient Geeks uses advertising for _____ purposes     (a)commercial purpose    (b)chemical purpose   (c)company purpose   (d)resource purpose   (e)consumer purpose
  9. An orientation that assumes that the customer will favour products that are of high quality is an example of    (a)production concept    (b)selling concept     (c)marketing concept      (d)product concept     (e)company concept
  10. A place where the trading of goods take place is called    (a)market   (b)demand    (b)management    (d)transaction    (e)want (Marketing Examination Questions For SS1 First Term)
  11. Anything that can be offered to the market to satisfy a want or needs of the people is an example of    (a)product    (b)goods and service    (c)purchase    (d)consumer    (e)market
  12. All the following are classification of the product EXCEPT   (a)industrial goods    (b)consumer goods    (c)primary products    (d)secondary product    (e)concept marketing
  13. A products that are purchased without any planning or search effort is called        (a)staple product     (b)impulse product     (c)production    (d)consumer product    (e)industrial production
  14. The goods that are brought form retail stores for personal family or household use can also be     (a)consumer goods    (b)product    (c)services    (d)production      (e)industrial goods
  15. The “shopping product” consumer classification would include such product as       (a)life insurance, burial plot and new product     (b)soft drink, bread and milk       (c)automobiles, homes and vacation     (d)expensive jewellery, furniture and stationary book
  16. Which of the following is not the function of marketing    (a)it involve the movement of products from manufacturer to consumer    (b)it provide storage for goods between the time of production and consumption    (c)it facilitates product development     (d)it encourage a buyers – seller relationship     (e)they have bad product
  17. The product that are purchased in their raw state for the purpose of processing them into consumer or industrial goods are     (a)raw materials    (b)industrial material   (c)fabricated part    (d)business transaction    (e)production    (f) none of the above
  18. Sales promotion is usually targeted toward either:        (a)the ultimate consumer o media    (b)members of the marketing channel  or advertising agencies    (c)direct mail client or retailers    (d)the ultimate consumer or members of the marketing channel  
  19. Durable industrial good that cost large sum of money are referred to as ______ items     (a)capital     (b)non-expense    (c)buyer     (d)seller     (c)customer
  20. _____ is a place where goods are moved from are place where they produced to where they are needed    (a)transportation    (b)processing    (c)costly    (d)installation (e)none of the above

Section B (Marketing Examination Questions For SS1 First Term)

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Answer (4) questions only

  1. What is marketing?

1b.   Explain the following:    (a)product        (b)market       (c)demand

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  • Mention three function of marketing
  • Define product concept
  • Differentiate between sales concept and marketing concept
  • State four attributes of a product
  • State three causes of customer dissatisfaction in a product


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