Mathworks Math Modelling Challenge Competition

Mathworks Math Modelling Challenge Competition

Mathworks Math Modelling Challenge Competition

The mathworks or M3 Challenge is an online competition with the aim of spurring students to
have a sharp focus on STEM career and educational pursuit.

The competition consists of three to five participants in each team who are required to solve open-end
math challenge for fourteen hours

This hands students the opportunity or exposure to the importance of applied maths in the society.
It also helps students in understanding and solving real world challenges.

There are no registration or participation fees for the Challenge because it is totally online. Up to two teams of three to
five junior and/or senior students from high schools in the United States (including U.S. territories and DoDEA institutions) may compete.
In England and Wales, schools with sixth forms may enter up to two teams of three to five sixth form students (age 16-19).

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Mathworks Math modelling challenge competition Award

Winners of the competition will receive a whooping sum of $100,000 worth of scholarship

Challenge Work Time

the challenge has a very flexible work time:
All teams will work in Eastern Standard Time (EST) or adapt their local moment to EST, and will download the problem at any time during Challenge weekend to
begin their 14-hour workday. Challenge weekend in 2022 will take place from Friday, February 25 at 6:00 a.m. EST until Monday, February 28 at 11:00 p.m. EST.
The team’s 14-hour clock starts once the issue is downloaded, and it cannot be stopped; students should download the problem at least 14 hours before the conclusion of Challenge
weekend to get the full 14 hours. Teams can work from any location they choose and utilize any free and publicly available resources they want, but they can’t talk or seek aid from anybody else.

Competition Eligibility

-Eligible high schools in the United States (including US territories and DoDEA institutions) Schools in England and Wales having sixth form students (ages 16-19) are eligible.

-A maximum of two (2) teams per school may register for the M3 Challenge, each comprising of three (3) to five (5) students and one (1) teacher-coach.

-Teams must be made up of juniors and seniors from the same high school or sixth form students (ages 16-19) from the same school; no exceptions will be made for underclassmen. Your school is the name that will appear on your diploma for M3 reasons.

International and exchange students are eligible to compete in the Challenge if they are enrolled in a qualifying team’s school at the time of registration and complete all components of the Challenge.

-Homeschool and cyber school students have the option of forming their own team(s) or requesting to join a team at the school in their district or neighborhood. The home or cyber educated student is responsible for making all attempts to contact the local school. Homeschool and virtual school students, on the other hand, may choose to organize their own team(s) under the following guidelines:

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