Meaning Of jiji The online marketplace

Meaning Of jiji The online marketplace

Are you a Nigerian or diaspora asking for the full meaning of jiji? below is a break down of what jiji really stands for. I decided to address this on this article because I have had lots of persons, business owners and other individuals asking me this same question whenever i talk to them about the number one online marketplace that connects buyers to sellers. (Explained by Webemtech IT: Official partner of Jiji Nigeria)

What is the meaning of jiji?

jiji could mean lots of things. but all are good: jiji is a french word that means gender neutral; a word or concept used to describe wisdom, or intellect, and as such can further be described as equity and transparent.

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why do people in Nigeria ask for the meaning of jiji?

It is a common question for any inquisitive Nigerian. Especially those from the Yoruba Tribe in Nigeria. We all know that Nigeria comprises of 3 major ethnic groups: Yorubas, Hausa and Ibos. To the ibo and Hausa tribes, jiji doesn’t trigger any serious meaning. But the Yoruba tribes has an attention driven meaning of jiji (the word ji in Yoruba language means steal). However, when the word is repeated (jiji), it is like repeating the its meaning twice in an audacious manner. This is why majority of people that have asked me to tell them the meaning of jiji are from the Yoruba tribe or people that understands Yoruba language.

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What the jiji means in other country languages?

As earlier said, jiji is a french origin word as described above. But to other countries round the word, it could mean lots of things. explained above is the meaning of jiji as a french word and in Yoruba language. However, you can leave comments below to know the meaning of jiji in your dialect.

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The Overall meaning of jiji as an online marketplace

jiji is an online marketplace that depicts transparency, gender neutrallity (meaning that all gender can visit the online market place to meet their sales or purchase needs). It stands for intelligent online marketplace for business owners and customers. In general, jiji is an online marketplace that connects businesses to buyers.

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