NMC National Mathematics Competition- 2022/2023 edition

NMC National Mathematics Competition- 2022/2023 edition

NMC stands for national mathematics center. This organization has her headquarter in Federal Capital Territory Abuja. | Home

Mathematics is one important subject that needs to be passed in order to be promoted to another class of study. Due to the importance, lots of organizations has decided to organize competitions to encourage students to take the subject very serious, in such a way that at the end of the competition, best performing students are given various awards as encouragement. | Google Search

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Today, we have various organizations for mathematics competitions such as: Cowbell, Ntic, NMC, Peak Brains, Learn Smart, etc. These organizations organizes mathematics competitions for students with rewards.


However, This article is to guide you on how to register for the NMC competition for Students….

NMC competition comes up yearly in Nigeria for students to enroll. National mathematics competition NMC has been in existence for years with lots of motivated students across the nation.

About National Mathematics Competition (NMC)

This body is responsible for organizing mathematics competitions for students from different part of the world or States
In Nigeria.

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Lots of people ask, do NMC (National mathematics competition) just cover Nigerians alone? The answer is YES, NMC works with
Students in tertiary institutions across Nigeria. For instance, the NMC held in the year 2019 comprised of eighty (80) Participants. | Yahoomail
From over fifteen universities. with lots of prizes worn by these participants. usually, the contestants that emerge first or with winning
medals are to represent Nigeria in the international mathematical olympiad competition

Things to note about the nmc COMPETITION

  1. The competition has allotted time
  2. Registration is completely free
  3. You can register as a school or as individual unless if told other wise per season
  4. The competition consists of 2 rounds
  5. Award Ceremony is always held at Abuja and most a times at Kano

NMC National Mathematics Competition- 2022/2023 edition | Webemtech

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