Phonics Examination Questions For JSS1 Third Term

Phonics Examination Questions For JSS1 Third Term

In this article is a complete list of third term phonics examination questions for jss1 or for secondary schools. Kindly follow to see similar practice questions that you can set for your students in the 2023/2024 academic session. Phonics is an arm of English language that deals with the study of language in terms of sound.



SUBJECT: Phonics

Section A (Objective) Instruction: Answer all Question

  1. “Phonetics” is a part of language study. It is ________ (a)study of system of sound of language (b)study of words (c)study of articulation, transmission and reception of speech sounds (d)none of the above
  2. The teacher does not tell or interpret whether the answer is correct or not in the  (a)testing activity (b)teaching activity (c)language game activity (d)demonstration activity
  3. Flow correct pause and intonation is only possible through the practice of (a)Comprehension (b)oral expression (c)reading (d)writing
  4. English can be learnt only by the (a)practice of applied grammar (b)practice of speaking  (c)study of grammar (d)study of functional grammar
  5. The advantage rhymes is that (a)it removes shyness (b)it encourages students to recite together (c)It makes the teaching joyful (d)all of the above
  6. According to phonic method, the unit of a word is ________ (a) sentence (b)word (c)sound (d)letter
  7. Which of the following is a voiceless sound component? (a)b (b)d (c)c (d)g
  8. According to the place of articulation, which of these is not a type of consonant? (a)Bilabial (b)Dental (c)velar (d)public (Phonics Examination Questions For JSS1 Third Term)
  9. What is the structure in the following syllable: Pack? (a)CVC (b)CV (c)VCC (d)VC
  10. What is a consonant called when it is placed at the end of a syllable? (a)releasing consonant (b)arresting consonant (c)dental consonant (d)alveolar consonant
  11. Which of these words is based on the phenomena, “onomatopoeia”? (a)Cuckoo (b)book (c)door (d)blackboard (also see: English Language Common Entrance Examination Questions (UBE) 2023/2024)
  12. Look at the words below; which word would come first in a dictionary? (a)bionic (b)chubby (c)rabbit (d)vicars
  13. These are ___________ sounds in English Language (a)24 (b)44 (c)34 (d)26
  14. There are ___________ vowel sounds (a)20 (b)30 (c)7 (d)5
  15. There are _______ vowel letters (a)21 (b)5 (c)20 (d)14


Answer all this questions

  1. Why is English language and phonics an important subject un Nigerian schools (Discuss)
  2. Draw and label the family tree of sounds
  3. Form five meaningful sentences using “in and at”
  4. Write a short essay on “Myself”


Identify and pronounce the following sounds

  1. /ᴈ:/
  2. /Ə/
  3. /ᴐ:/
  4. / dᴣ/
  5. / ʧ /

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Phonics Examination Questions For JSS1 Third Term


the phonics exam questions above comprises of the objective questions, theory and the oral part of phonics language study.

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