Physical Health Education (PHE) Third Term Examination Questions Jss1

Physical Health Education (PHE) Third Term Examination Questions Jss1

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1.         The movement or activities performed according to a regular beat of successive movements or sound is called (a)rhythmical (b) dance (c) physical education (d) hooping

2.         ________ is expressive movement of turning twitting and rolling of the body (pout) to conform with rhythm of a sound seat or music (a) dance (b) jumping (c) walking (d) running

3.         The two types of dance are (a) foreign and traditional dance (b)Agogo and Sleeve dance (c) Bante and Remo dance (d) Ogun and Sango dance

4.         ______ is the unexpected occurrence that can happen to person at any time (a) accident (b) dance (c)Music (d) wound

5.         _________ is any sporting activity that is performed in water (a) swimming  (b) driving (c) dancing (d) throwing

6.         All of the following is a benefit of swimming EXCEPT (a) for physical fitness (b) for recreation and relaxation (c) for fun (d) in order to get draw

7.         All of these are the equipment for swimming EXCEPT (a) swimming suits or trunks (b) the head gear (c) the floaters (d) the stream / pool

8.         To keep the pool clean and hygienic at all times the following hygienic rules should be followed EXCEPT (a) the swimmer should take a bathe with soap and sponge before entering to ensure cleanliness of the body (b) footbath should also be taken before entering  (c) swimmer should avoid throwing any object into the water (d) spit and urinate or pass faces in the water | Yahoo mail

9.         Safety precaution should be taken to avoid (a) fail (b) being drown in the water (c) being excised (d) to avoid been seen by the visitors

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10.       All these are safety precautions except (a) never swim alone  (b) know your ability and never attempt too much (c) in case of emergency keep cool and never panic (d) all of the above

11.       The following are basic swimming skills EXCEPT (a)adjustment and confidence gaming in water (b) having good time and fun in water (c) propulsion methods (d) ability to eat while swimming

12.       ______________ is the ability to float in water with confidence (a) buoyancy (b) diving (c) propulsion (d) expulsion

Physical Health Education (PHE) Third Term Examination Questions Jss1

13.       Propulsion is the way the body is pushed through water by the actions of the arms and legs (a) True (b) false (c) none of the above (d) partially

14.       The following are the learners float EXCEPT ____(a) the prone float (b) the jelly fish float (c) the turtle float (d) the duck fowls  style

15.       Injuring is a damage to any pout of the body that may allow the escape of blood as a result of accident (a) true (b) false (c) partially true (d) none of the above

16.       The three main factors that causes injuries (a) Human / man made (b) natural / environmental  (c) synthetic (d) none of the above

17.       Safety is freedom from hazard freedom from hazard can only be achieved, if these hazards are identified and removed (a) true (b) false (c) partially true (d) none of the above

18.       To avoid accident and minimize injuries these precision must   _____ taken (a) be very careful and be alert (b) be very careless and nervous (c) be unconscious of the environment of work (d) be foolish enough

19.       ________ are the injuries that occurs during participating  in sport and games due to accidents (a) sport injuries (b) market injuries (c) kitchen injuries (d) school injuries

20.       The following are sport injuries except _________ (a) wound (b) dislocation (d) sprain (d) electric shock

21.       In traditional dance, the dancing step are permanent and those not change with time

(a) true (b) false (c) partially true (d) none of the above

22.       Occupational dance is associate with professional hand work e.g farming black smiting, hunters (a)true (b) false (c)partially (d) none of the above

23.       Community dance is associated with a community cultural identify and heritage e.g during new year festival or during Ramadan festival (a) true (b) false (c) partially true (d) none of the above

24.       Occasional is usually performed as occasion arises 1:2 at  a particular period or time of the year (a) true (b) false (c) partially true (d) none of the above

25.       The difference dancing pattern  or step of orchestrated by the beat of the drummer or the rhythms of the music (a) true (b) false  (c) none of the above (d) partially true

26.       Swimming activities refreshes the skin and make radiant (a) true (b) false (c) partially true (d) none of the above

27.       Goggle is used during swimming t protect the eyes from seeing cleanly in the water while swimming (a) true (b) false (c) partially true (d) none of the above

Physical Health Education (PHE) Third Term Examination Questions Jss1 Section B: Theory (Answer only 3 questions)

1.         Define Rhythmic activities

1b.       Explain swimming precaution that you know

1c.       Describe / explain  swimming pool

2.         Name 3 swimming facilities / equipment you know

2b.       Explain swimming precaution  that you know

2c.       Explain the term buoyancy in swimming

3a.       Define accident

3b.       What is injuring in sport?

3c.       mention 3 types of accident you know

4.         What I precaution in sport

4b.       Give 2 example of precaution you take while working with industrial machine

Physical Health Education (PHE) Third Term Examination Questions Jss1


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