Primary 4 Social Studies Examination Questions For First Term

Primary 4 Social Studies Examination Questions For First Term

Our Social Studies exam includes multiple-choice questions covering topics like culture, family, marriage, and government. It also features short-answer questions about the definitions and explanations of various social concepts. Students are asked to identify characteristics of culture, family types, reasons for cultural diversity, and the functions of government levels.



1.         One characteristics of culture is that it _____(a) exchanges (b) fails (c) is nice (d) last long

2.         The daughter of your brother is your (a) aunt (b) nephew (c) nice (d) cousin

3.         Legal separation between a married couple is known as ______ (a) polygamy (b) failure (c) court  (d) divorce

4.         Customary marriage is also known as ________(a) court (b) cult (c) Islamic (d) traditional  

5.         There are _____ states in Nigeria (a) 26 (b) 36 (c) 39 (d) 46

6.         A local government is headed by a ____________ (a) chairman (b) minster (c) landlord (d) governor

7.         Marriage failure can be caused by ________ (a) faithfulness (b) unfaithfulness

(c) carefulness (d) divorce

8.         __________is a changeable custom (a) female circumcision (b) Greeting (c) Cooking

(d) hair barbing

9.         ___________ is a social amenity that can be provided by a state government

 (a) road (b) handset   (c) computer (d) family house

10.       Traditional religion worshiper believe so much in the __________(a) shrine (b) Quran (c) ancestor (d) goats 

Primary 4 Social Studies Examination Questions For First Term

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1.     What is a family?

        a.  Mention and explain 2 types of family

        c.  List 4 advantages of living in a family 

2.     Define marriage

        a.  List and explain 4 types of gender with 2 examples of each one.

        b.  Mention and explain 2 types of marriage

        c.  List and explain 4 forms of marriage

3.     Define marriage failure.

        b.  List 4 causes of marriage failure

        c.  State solutions to marriage failure

        d.  Define divorce.

4.     What is culture?

        b.  State 3 reasons why we have different culture

        c.  List 4 ways to preserve our culture

5.     Mention 3 similarities among the various religious practices in Nigeria

6.     Define State Government

        b.  List and explain 3 importance of Local Government

        c.  Mention 2 problems of Local Government .     

Primary 4 Social Studies Examination Questions For First Term


In conclusion, The Social Studies first term examination for primary 4 covers a wide range of subjects, such as culture, family, marriage, and government. Through multiple-choice and short-answer questions, it assesses students’ comprehension of cultural traits, family structures, and the factors influencing cultural variety. It also explores the obligations and obligations of various governmental levels. For a thorough knowledge of social studies concepts and the processes of society, competence in these areas is necessary.


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