primary 5 Basic Science Exam Questions For Second Term

primary 5 Basic Science Exam Questions For Second Term`

primary 5 Basic Science Exam Questions For Second Term

  • SUBJECT: Basic Science                       
  • CLASS: Primary 5   
  • Term: Second Term

1.       The types of force applied on things to move it towards oneself is called force of __________ (a) push (b) pull (c) friction (d) all of the above

2.       ___________force occur when two rough faces came in contact (a) frictional (b) magnetic (c) Gravitation (d) none of the above

3.       ___________ is an effect of force (a) it changes shape of object (b) it changes position of object (c) it can slow down movement (d) all of the above.

4.       The system of the body that aids the movement of blood round the body is known as _________ system (a) excretory (b) respiratory (c) circulating

(d) reproductive

5.       ____________is the male reproductive organ that produce sperm

(a) urethra (b) testes (c) penis (d) scrota sack

6.       The Female reproductive organ that provides eggs is ___________ (a) ovary (b) oviduct (c) uterus (d) vagina

7.       The blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to all other part of the body are called __________(a) veins (b) arteries ( c) capillaries (d) all of the above

8.       _________blood cells protect the body against disease (a) red (b) black (c) white (d) plasma

9.       ___________ carries blood between veins and the arteries (a) plasma (b) platelet (d) capillaries (d) ventricles

10.     Which of the following is not among the chamber of the heart? (a) centre ventricles (b) right ventricles (c) left ventricle (d) right auricle

primary 5 Basic Science Exam Questions For Second Term Section B 

1.       Mention 4 advantage of frictional force

2.       State three harmful effective of frictional force

3.       State the functions of each of the following in the body

          i.        the Heart

          ii.       Platelet  

4.       Mention two male reproductive organs and their functions

5.       Mention two female reproductive organs and their function.           

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