Primary 5 Home Economics Examination Questions For First Term

Primary 5 Home Economics Examination Questions For First Term

These 1st term home economics examination questions for primary 5 assess students’ knowledge of home maintenance, cleaning, homemade polish preparation, and the identification of household pests. (compiled by webemtech edu.)


1.         The following are materials used to prepared homemade polish except (a) candle

(b) wax (b) wood ash (c) palm oil (d) carpet

2.         We care for home furniture by (a) cleaning (b) polishing (c) burning (d) A and B 

3.         Which of the following is used in making polish (a) palm oil (b) kerosene

(c) water (d) A and B

4.         Example of cleaning Agent (a) soap (b) detergents (c) water (d) A and B

5.         Vim is used in making cleaning agent (a) True (b) False

6.         Cement surface can be cleaned by (a) scrubbing (b) drying (c) painting (d) A and B

7.         Household pets including the following except (a) bedbug (b) cockroach

(c) rat (d) butterfly   

8.         Household pet live inside the following except (a) cupboard (b) refuse (c) wardrobe (d) refrigerator

9.         ___________destroy our foods and properties at home (a) animal (b) insects (c) earthworm (d) Household pest

10.       The heating tools for cooking is called _________(a) matches (b) stove (c) heating ball (d) cooking meals


1a.       Describe how homemade polish are made from local materials.

b.         List the materials used

2a.       What is cleaning agent?

2b.       Write 5 example of cleaning agent you know

3a.       What is cleaning surface and how is the techniques used?

3b.       List 3 types of surface at home

4.         Define household pest

4b.       List 3 example of house hold pest     


Cleaning, home upkeep, and household pests are all included in the First Term Examination questions for Primary 5 in Home Economics. The multiple-choice questions test your understanding of household pests, cleaning supplies, how to care for furniture, and DIY polishing techniques. Students are required to explain how to make homemade polish, define cleaning chemicals, explain how to clean different surfaces at home, and name common household pests and provide examples in the short answer questions.


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