Spelling Bee competitions for elementary school students 2023

Spelling Bee competitions for elementary school students 2023

Spelling Bee competitions for elementary school students 2023

This guide provides information on upcoming Spelling Bee competitions for elementary school students in 2023. Learn about the rules, regulations, and prizes associated with these events, as well as tips for success.

spelling bee competitions for elementary school students are competitions organized by schools where elementary school students are being tested on how proficient they are at correctly spelling words. i.e. their effective use of vocabulary. It aims to promote literacy and encourage students to develop their spelling skills.

Most spelling bee competitions for elementary school requires a single participant while some could be in groups. and as such, interested schools and students are advised to prepare well for grouped and single representation for any spelling bee competition. Here is an article to guide you on how to prepare for any school competition

Spelling Bee competitions for elementary school students 2023

Below are the list of spelling bee competitions to enroll your students to as a school or individual for the 2023/2024 academic session:

MTN Mpulse spelling bee competition is a competition organized by the global telecommunication giant mtn. it is an annual competition for students in elementary/primary schools and for students in secondary classes too. Mpulse spelling bee competition is strictly online. so participants are required to have an electronics device and an internet connection; as the competition is conducted on MTN website. This spelling competition is age bound. so you might want to know more about this in the link above.

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  • Scripps National Spelling Bee

Millions of kids in schools all around the country can register for the Bee program. Regional Spelling Bees are held by regional partners in February and March, and the winners are recognized before the national tournament.

This is also an annual competitions that allow students from various schools (private and public) to participate. The winner of the overall competition is awarded handsomely with scholarship opportunities. that is not all; schools are also allowed to send more than one student to represent the school in the competition, though each student will be asked to spell individually and not as a group coming from the same school. The National spelling bee competition has two main categories: the junior and senior categories. follow the link above to begin registration

This is a global spelling bee competition for elementary school students. It is similar to that of the mpulse spelling competition, only that this allows for a global registration. All registration is done on their website and the competition is also conducted on their website as well..

Spelling bee kahoot is a spelling competition organized for kids and the registration is totally free. winners of this competition is announced on their website and orally after the competition.

K-12 National Spelling Bee

With this year’s Innovation Challenge, K12 is urging students in grades 9 through 12 to contribute to solving some of the most urgent environmental problems facing our globe, including carbon emissions, our ocean, healthy lands, and more. For one of six environmental topics, students can sign up individually or in groups of up to three and offer solutions.


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