Third Term Security Education Examination Questions For JSS2

Third Term Security Education Examination Questions For JSS2

Below are 3rd term examination questions for students in jss2 for the 2023/2024 academic calendar for schools. the questions comprises of Objective questions and theory questions.

SUBJECT: Security Education

Section A (Objective) Instruction: Answer all Question

  1. The meaning of CCTV is _________ (a) closed circuit television (b) closed communication (c) closed communion television (d) closed association television.
  2. Lacks of indiscipline is cause by __________ expect (a) environmental influence (b) peer group influence (c) lack of parental care (d) keep good friends.
  3. The act of giving verbal and written information or accounts of some thing is _________ (a) Vigilant (b) reporting (c) casting (d) viewing.
  4. __________ can lead to more lies (a)chances  (b)falsehood  (c)environment  (d)leaders
  5. The following are function of the Nigerian army expect (a) preventing of crimes (b) protecting of properties (c) preservation of law and order (d) stealing from people.
  6. The act of having sexual intercourse without another the persons consent is ___________ (a) job (b) rape (c) pressure (d) assistance.
  7. Chemical substances that are not genuine are called ________ (a) expired drugs (c) prohibited drug (c) false drug (d) good substance.
  8. Contaminated foods are known as __________ (a) food stuff (b) raw food (c) infected food (d) food poison.
  9. The act of sinking inside the water is ___________ (a) drowning (b) going (c) swimming (d) traveling.
  10. A sudden falling down and breaking a part of building structure is known as ___________ (a) construction (b) fence (c) building collapse (d) properties.
  11. 199 means ___________ (a) taking number (b) dial number (c) correct number (d) police emergency number. (Third Term Security Education Examination Questions For JSS2)
  12. _____________ are crime people practice around is (a) family (b) crime (c) defence (d) unity.
  13. Which of the following is a common crime (a) peace (b) love (c) arson (d) harmony.
  14. _____________ is an unplanned event that can causes sudden death or injuries (a) exportation (b) communication (c) emergency (d) transportation.
  15. All accident cases require ________ intervention (a) case (b) appropriate (c) quick (d) contact.
  16. When someone drown only good __________ should go in search of the person under water (a) mentors (b) adult (c) caution (d) good swimmer & enforcement.
  17. All of these are place where drowning can occur expect (a) sea (b)  ocean (c) river (d) structure
  18. A good reporter must __________ a) have ability to communicate (b) participate in the crime (c) lie (d) forgery.
  19. What is the full meaning of V.I.O (a) vehicle road offer (b) vehicle international officers (c) vehicle investigation officer (d) vehicle internal offer. (Third Term Security Education Examination Questions For JSS2)
  20. National food drug administration and control help to do the following expect ________ (a) They arrest fraudsters (b) They stop people from manufacturing and selling fake drug (c) The control quality product and people who sell them (d) They prevent people from bring adulterated drugs into the country.
  21. The discipline that deals with natural and man—made is known as_______ (a) emergence management (b) emergence (c) plan (d) management.
  22. Emergence event include the following except (a) flooding (b) earth quake (c) building collapse (d) exercise.
  23.  ___________ is the cause of building collapse in Nigeria (a) building with expired materials (b) building with proper planning (c) building at the right place (d) building on a plan land.
  24. Student who vandalizes school properties should be (a) appreciated (b) celebrated (c) punished (d) help.
  25. The act of spreading lies is called _______ (a) social issues (b) falsehood (c) pressure (d) association.
  26. Which of the following is the a safety tips (a) walking lonely at night (b) walking in group (c) talking rides with strangers (d) visiting stranger in their homes.
  27. Production and sale of fake drug and prohibited by the following expect_________ (a) police (b) NDLEA (c) informant (d) NAFDAC.
  28. Security education is a discipline that involves ___________ (a) lives and their properties (b) celebration (c) errands (d) people.
  29. Indiscipline lead to ____________ (a) good name (b) happiness (c) disgrace (d) joy.
  30. Over speeding can caused ___________ (a) accident (b) anger (c) motion (d) abuse.

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Third Term Security Education Examination Questions For JSS2 (Theory): webemtech IT

  1. What is CCTV?
  2. Mention 5 national security agencies.
  3. Mention 3 type of CCTV.
  4. Mention 3 reason of drug trafficking.
  5. State 3 causes of indiscipline

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