Top of the Bench Chemistry Competition 2023

Top of the Bench Chemistry Competition 2023

Top of the Bench Chemistry Competition 2023

This annual school’s chemistry competition will pique your kids’ interest and excitement.

This National tournament for science students has been in existence for more than 20 years with membership support. As a result, hundreds of kids between the ages of 14 and 16 have had the chance to put their practical and teamwork abilities to the test.

This competition will give you the ability to spur your student’s interest in practical chemistry. The winning participant will stand a chance to win amazing prizes.

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What you need to know about Top of the Bench Chemistry Competition 2023

The main regional heat competition, takes place from October to January, and are organized and supported by Local Sections. As a result, the format of the heats differs by region, however, all schools are welcome to compete.

This Competition promote teams that are broadly reflective of their school’s gender balance, and they make the heats accessible to children with special needs.

Each heat’s winning team will advance to the national final.
Then conclusion
Each year, the national final is held at a university in the United Kingdom in the spring.

The following are some of the day’s activities:

  • One-on, one test of chemical factual knowledge
  • Practical team exercise
  • Lecture that is interactive

Teachers can also meet with one of our Education Coordinators to discuss materials and ideas for the classroom.

The best overall school performance receives the first prize, with five teams winning runners-up medals. The Jacqui Clee Award is granted to a student who has displayed exceptional personal qualities.

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Note: You are to register in the competition website and not on any other website claiming affiliates with Top of the bench chemistry.


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