Wamp Server Common Questions And Answers (FAQ)

wamp server questions and answers

Wamp Server Common Questions And Answers (FAQ)

Q – Is wamp better than bitnami?

A– Bitnami is the organization that created local servers

Q– can we install it Wamp Server on our android Or only Pc?

A– Wamp Server works on pc and not on android phones

Q – How do we install the Wamp Server?

A – Its in the training video for wamp server download and installation

Q – When moving it to a live site from wamp is it the same process as moving a locally built one on bitnami

A – We will discuss that when we get to web hosting… Let’s not jump process

Q – Is this different from wordpress website design

A – It isn’t but this is the use of premium WordPress and wamp server

Q – Oh what of people that do not have PC nah?

A – Stay with us during the installation process and configuration of wamp server as this will be an added advantage later…. But if not, you can start with us when we get to live host if you are using an android phone

Q – I can’t find the download on my system?

A – Kindly follow the video or the article

Q – is wamp server just meant for hosting a website locally?

A – You can use wamp server to host your website locally and also to design website from scratch using code… Everything you need for a successful wamp server download is in this video or the article…..

Q – After downloading and installation of the Wamp Server, what next?

A – After installing and downloading the wamp server we will learn how to download and extract our wordpress into a folder in our wamp server.

Q – have been following the way you are doing it but i notice that my wamp server is not running again, so how do i get it back running?

AFollow through on wamp server error fix here.

Q – What do we type in the address bar that took you to this page. I need guidance

wamp server questions and answers
wamp server questions and answers

A – Type localhost at the URL section of your website

Q – instructor when i type localhost i notice that my wamp is not running, what should i do?

A – Ensure You double click on the Wamp Server icon on your desktop to be sure it is running. Showing green

Q – Which of the Phpmyadmin should i chose in wamp server?

A – Use the higher one 5.1

Q – If I double click this is what is showing

A – Ensure that you don’t tamper with the .config file…. If the problem persists, uninstall and and install the wamp server again

Q – To extract the WordPress files to the wamp folder, what are we clicking? Extract files or Extract here?

A – Use extract here

Q – Mine is showing collation on the marked space. Should I continue?

A – Yes continue

Q – I couldn’t install my wamp server its shows me this program requires windows service pack 1 or later

A – It’s obvious that you are using windows xp or windows 7. nevertheless, try to drive your pc online or follow our guide HERE

Wamp Server Common Questions And Answers (FAQ)

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