What is the ranking of jiji | Position online (jiji Africa)

What is the ranking of jiji | Position online (jiji Africa)

When it comes to ranking an online marketplace, there are so many things we should put into consideration. Some of which are: number of products, products categories, number of registered or subscribed customers, rate of daily, weekly or monthly traffic, customer’s reviews, number of app install and usage, etc.

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Why is jiji ranked the number one marketplace in Nigeria

However, the ranking of jiji (the number one marketplace in Nigeria) is around 90%. This is because jiji is the most widely used online marketplace in Nigeria-since they deal with the sale and purchase of fairly used and brand new items on their platform. they are also ranked the number one marketplace in Nigeria because they are one of the biggest partners of big brands such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other monetized websites-and as such pulls an average monthly traffic of 200million. jiji also has mobile app for IOS (apple store) and android(play store) users that are user friendly and a website, etc.

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Other branches of jiji in the world that influenced her ranking

jiji has branches across various African countries. some of these countries includes:

  1. Jiji Africa
  2. Jiji Nigeria
  3. Jiji Kenya
  4. Jiji Ghana
  5. Jiji Uganda
  6. Jiji Tanzania
  7. Jiji Ethiopia
  8. Jiji Sénégal
  9. Jiji Côte d’Ivoire

More about jiji ranking

jiji also has a good search engine optimization that pulls millions of traffic organically from search engines such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. Vendors or businesses that puts up adverts with jiji automatically gets their products at the front of search engine result page (SERPs), thereby increasing chances of sales beyond the regular adverts paid for.

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In conclusion, jiji is actually ranked very high at about 90% in ranking with SEO and with other ranking factors.

What is the ranking of jiji | Position online (jiji Africa)


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