How To Get Free Email Address Online- Step By Step Guide

How To Get Free Email Address Online- Step By Step Guide

How To Get Free Email Address Online- Step By Step Guide

wondering how to get free email addresses online | how to find someone’s email address online | tools for email address search | Google Custom Search Engine | Email Campaign, etc. This article will help you learn how.

As an affiliate marketer, social media marketer/manager, business owner, etc. it is important that you learn how to find people online that are interested on the goods and services you offer, and send email messages.

Technology has made almost everything possible. Today, you can learn lots of digital skills to grow your business and email marketing is one of such. with email marketing, you can minimize cost and maximize result. This is because almost everyone has an email account linked to their handset they carry about. However, there is over 80% assurance that people who receive your email messages are likely to open the messages immediately.

The email account synchronization on gadgets, makes it possible for us to say that almost everyone makes use of the email account. Additionally, almost everyone needs his/her email account to perform some online activities such as creating a YouTube channel, creating bank account, login access to lots of online platforms, etc. These are the reasons why email marketing is very effective.

Right Here, I will be showing you how you can get free emails online, and how you can push messages to the emails you have collected online.

Step one: Select The Target Audience You want to find their email address online

This is very important, as this will help you target the right people to send email messages to; if you send email messages about a particular service to the wrong audience, it will not be productive. this is why you need to select the audience first. Take for instance, you might have a digital product on “How To write professional Search Engine Optimization”. Your target audience should be people who have interest in website designing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing/management, digital marketers, etc. you might also have a digital product called “How To Dance Afro”. Your target audience should be people who love dancing or people who wants to learn how to dance, etc. selecting people who love religion will not be very productive. However, target audience should be considered first.

Step two: Visit Google Custom Search Engine (GCSE)

What is Google custom search engine?

Based on Google Search, the Search Engine platform allows site developers to include specialized information in online searches, filter and categorize queries, and construct customized search engines. Read More Here

  • Click on Add
  • Then enter the URL Of The websites to search. (you can add more than one URL to search).
  • Select your preferred Language
  • Enter the desired name of the search engine
  • check that you are not a robot
  • Then click on create
  • Click on Public URL as shown below
  • A New tab will be opened. Right in the search box provided, type in your target audience; do this for all email extensions you know. e.g.,, @domain etc.

Take for instance, if your target audience is people who have interest in website designing, your search query should contain website… or with any other email extensions

  • After that, hit the enter key. Google should produce different results from page one to ten…
  • At each page, press the shortcut CTR+A to highlight everything in that page
  • visit HERE
  • past all you have copied to Email Extractor Lite 1.4 box provided
  • Under the separator, Click on New Line as shown below

After that Click on Extract. It should remove all the texts in the box leaving you with just the email addresses contained in the texts orderly arranged. Do these for all the ten pages and all the email extensions.

  • After extracting your target audience emails, proceed to push email messages to them.

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How to Push Emails to your target audience

  • visit Here
  • Create an Account and Connect your Gmass to your Gmail.
  • In your Email account click on compose email
  • After entering the subject, paste all the extracted emails you copied from lite 1.4 to the recipient area
  • Type your message and click on the Gmass button close to the send button (Gmass will help you monitor your email delivery)

Tips: Some of the emails you copy from lite 1.4 might have a dot after the mail, ensure to remove the dots before pasting at the recipient side of your email message.

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How To Get Free Email Address Online- Step By Step Guide

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