What It Takes To Work At Jiji? | Employees Honest Review

What It Takes To Work At Jiji? | Employees Honest Review

What It Takes To Work At Jiji? | Employees Honest Review

This is an interesting topic to discuss especially if you want to join in as a staff of jiji or you want to have a general knowledge on what it takes to work as jiji offline sales executive or as a sale agent of jiji (The number one online market place in Nigeria.). in this article, we will be discussing on the general experiences of a jiji sales agent, the advantages, the challenges, expectations, what it takes, experiences with businesses and general tips as jiji offline sales executive. If you love online Marketplaces or selling online/e-commerce, reviews like this is good because you will be learning how to sell fast online using jiji or any other online market place. (by webemtech IT)

Becoming Jiji Sales Agent or staff

recently, jiji had job openings for job seekers to apply as an offline sales executive, where qualified and interested individuals are expected to submit their updated curriculum Vitae (CV) to jiji on-boarding team,
it would be reviewed, and if you qualify for the position, you will receive an email notification stating that you have qualified for the job applied. in the email notification, you will also be given an office address
for brief training on how to work effectively as jiji sales agent or an offline sales executive. For more info on how to apply, visit: How to become jiji agent | work for jiji (What It Takes To Work At Jiji? | Employees Honest Review). Connect with a fellow sales support of jiji on whatsapp here: 07066123112

Who are jiji Offline Sales Executives | Sales agent?

jiji offline sales executives or sales agents are qualified and trained individuals who have been authorized by jiji Africa to register business on jiji and guide them on how to post adverts (product description, area targeting, price tags, product features, etc.). jiji sales executives is a new team boarding by jiji to help relate with businesses closely. i.e. instead of downloading and installing jiji app from your play store or IOS and doing all the setup yourself where you might make some mistakes in the process of adding business features and other important business info, jiji trained sales executives can now visit your businesses or collect your business info, and register a professional looking businesses seller account on jiji. (What It Takes To Work At Jiji? | Employees Honest Review) | All Reviews On Jiji.ng (sellers and buyers)

Note: Any trained sales executive that registers your account is automatically your account manager, hence, you can relate any technical issue to him/her for correction at anytime. You can also exchange contacts such as phone numbers or WhatsApp numbers for easy contact to follow through your account.

What It Takes To Work At Jiji? | Employees Honest Review

Responsibilities of Jiji Sales Executives

The following are what you should expect from jiji sales agent as a business owner or an individual looking for how to create a professional jiji business seller account:

  1. Registering a free standard/professional jiji seller business account
  2. Guiding businesses and individuals on how to post an effective advert on jiji
  3. Should be able to explain to businesses and clients the various subscriptions or ads packages on jiji and their features
  4. Giving professional tips to businesses and individuals on how to improve a registered jiji business account e.g. type of ads package/subscription that can best scale a business niche or category, product image resizing and quality guide, etc.
  5. Creating weekly report to jiji senior tech team on account performance
  6. Monitoring business ads performances or statistics online
  7. Creates weekly visits report to the senior team on managed accounts
  8. Create payment invoice for new or returning subscribers (businesses)
  9. Resolution of technical issues on sellers or managed accounts such as email or phone number change, ads disapproval corrections, etc.
  10. Provides businesses and individuals a comprehensive business proposals for the cost of the various ads packages or subscriptions stating the features of each advert package.

Note: As a business owner or registered individual, Jiji sales agents or offline sales executives are not mandated to post all adverts for you. However, some individuals can decide to assist businesses out of their free will to post adverts for you while they can still guide you in case you want to post anytime.

what it takes to work at jiji | Employers Honest Review

Want to work as a sale agent on jiji, below are little guides for you:

working as a sale agent on jiji requires that you learn how to work hard and smart. always work in hand with your team lead most especially when new to the job. and learn how to pitch a good business advertisement proposals to businesses, and lots more. Below are other helpful info:

Advantages Of Working as jiji Offline sales executive

of course jiji is a wonderful company to start your digital marketing career. Below are the advantages:

  1. You are exposed to various business Niche and categories
  2. As a sale agent, you will increase your knowledge on how advertisement system works
  3. Since your will be visiting or calling businesses to pitch ads proposals, you will learn self confidence, fluency, Trust and other good business practices
  4. you can work at your pace
  5. You might be given some incentives by satisfied businesses
  6. Direct Access To jiji Senior Tech Team
  7. You will learn how to run an effective Advertisement
  8. Tourism: you have the opportunity to tour round various locations in times where you visit various businesses
  9. good salary
  10. Exposure
    And lots more. (what it takes to work at jiji | Employers Honest Review)

challenges working as jiji sales agent

Every business or job out there has one challenge or the other to overcome. which can further be influenced by the nature of the economy of the country of the business. However, working as sales agent on jiji comes with few challenges listed below:

  1. You will have to be able to register few businesses before you will be given transport allowance for that week as jiji sales agent
  2. cost of transportation from one business to another within a week most times do not sum up to the transport allowance. especially in times of fuel subsidy removal. (though in times like this, learn to discuss with businesses on virtual registration and guidance through zoom, WhatsApp, or any virtual means so as to reduce the cost of transportation)
  3. If you are not used to receiving NO from people, you will have to get used to it (this is because not all business have a good review on online space)
  4. Businesses that do not do follow up on their ads always feel that you do everything for them (this is why you must explain how jiji works in full to them before they subscribe)


While working as jiji offline sales executive, you should expect challenges, good results, new business partners, etc. you are expected to work hard and smart in guiding businesses on running an effective advertisement online. You are also expected to be responsible.
learn good dressing and talking ethics before visiting businesses

What it takes working as jiji sales agent

working as jiji sales agent or an offline sales executive, requires that you work hard and smart. You should have knowledge on the advertisement space so that you will be able to answer questions from businesses that might have used other ads platforms before or that needs clarity (most times during your ads pitch, you will hear businesses asking: what is the difference between jiji ads and facebook, Google or jumia ads, etc.) so if you don’t have knowledge on these, you won’t be able to answer most of the questions. You must be a result driven individual, ready to learn and patient enough to work with lots of businesses (you might be called by a business that has no idea about how the online space works.)

What It Takes To Work At Jiji? | Employees Honest Review


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