World Online Spelling League Competition (WOSL)

World Online Spelling League Competition (WOSL)

World Online Spelling League Competition (WOSL)

world online spelling league (WOSL) is an online spelling competition that allows schools
and students from all over the world to register (private and public schools). This competition is
organized by spelling bee ninja (SBN).

(WOSL) Spelling words List

The competition has various word lists to chose:

  • Grade one
  • Grade two
  • Grade three
  • Grade four
  • To grade 8, then high school.

You can also select a very difficult or featured word list.

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How to Register for the World Online Spelling League Competition

Official Spelling Bee Tests are those that are administered using the official spelling bee dictionary.
To take an official spelling test, go to Test Settings and select “Official SBN Dictionary.”
Official tests result in official results.
An Achievement certificate will be issued to a student who achieves 800 or higher on an Official Spelling Test.
The Certificate is a signed, high-resolution image that states the accomplishment and can be seen on the exam result website.
The Official Certificate is only accessible to the owners and tutors (if any). However, right-clicking over the image and selecting “Save Image as” will allow you to save a local copy. kindly note that Nigeria schools can participate in this competition too

Smart Training Option Spelling Test

World Online Spelling Bee Online system keeps track of both misspelled and correctly spelled words for each student in Spelling.
The smart training mode can automatically generate a correct word list for use in Spelling Tests based on this information.
Smart training can provide Spelling Tests to LEARN new terms as well as Spelling Tests to REVIEW what you already know (i.e. words that you spelled correctly in previous tests).
Under the “Words Source” option, choose SBN Smart Training Learn or SBN Smart Training Review, depending on your needs.

Creating Spelling lists from word options on World Online Spelling League Competition (WOSL)

By browsing lists or using the competition Search engine, you can find your spelling terms and upload them to “My Words.”
“My Words” is a temporary storage space for words that you want to store as a new list: you can save the current selection to a new list or add it to an existing one from “My Words.”
You can use your Lists to administer spelling tests or assign them to your pupils (both local and invited).
Each word is associated with a word card that contains information about the spelling bee, such as the level of difficulty, the number of misspellings, and the relationship between students’ language/nationality and error ratio. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

More about World Online Spelling League Competition (WOSL)

This is another international Competition. The competition contains training both before and after the competition.
But the scores they accumulate during the training are not calculated as real scores
for the competition.
Participants are to strive to out-score other competitors to win the competition.

Competition Training

You’ll be able to get some experience by training for the competition.
This will not only help you learn the words, but it will also help you understand how the format works, what to expect from online spelling tournaments, and what might be a bit difficult for you. As a result, you must use the Train button on the Tournament page to prepare for the competitions.



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