where is jiji located | Office Address

where is jiji located | Office Address

where is jiji located | Office Address

Find out the office address of Jiji, a leading #1 online marketplace in Nigeria. Get directions and contact information to locate Jiji’s office today! if your search is related to: where is jiji located, how to chat with jiji, how to contact jiji, how to get a store on jiji, jiji office address in abuja, jiji head office address, jiji office address in yaba, jiji whatsapp number, jiji contact number, etc. below is a little guide

jiji.ng is an online market place and has limited offices around Nigeria. Most of the services rendered are online, however, you can always find out who your online manager is. get his/her whatsapp number or contact number in order to communicate directly with him/her.

Need Help? connect with jiji.ng sales support on whatsapp (07066123112)

Just recently, jiji.ng launched another system called offline marketing managers: these are individuals who visits businesses to register their business on jiji and to guide the businesses on how to run effective ads campaign on jiji.ng… So, in summary, ensure to know who your marketing manager is on jiji. with your marketing manager, you can schedule appointment.

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Most of jiji.ng offices in various states are usually vacant because, most of the persons there are marketers, who would have probably gone to see a prospective client or business intending to run ads or a business that needs to register afresh or a business that needs a clarification on the performance of her advertisement on jiji.ng.

However, if in any case, you feel you want to know jiji head office, kindly reach out to your jiji account manager to give you directives.

for more info, connect with jiji.ng sales support on whatsapp: (07066123112)

where is jiji located | Office Address


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