How To Design and Host Your Website Locally

How To Design and Host Your Website Locally

How To Design and Host Your Website Locally – learn how to design professional websites with the local host using wamp Server and WordPress premium.

what is web hosting and how to transfer a locally built website to a live host? Before we begin, let me explain some important points to hand you a better understanding of what we are about to discuss…

What is a Website?

in simpler words: a website is the combination of two words (WEB AND SITE)- A web is a short way of explaining the worldwide presence of something (www-world wide web). while the site is a design put together that explains or performs a particular purpose or function. To an architecture, a site could be a place where the structure of an industrial company is being erected or built.

if we put WEB-SITE together as a website, we will better define it as a site/design that is on the web or a site that is made global.

What is Website Designing?

Website Designing is the process of designing a website. When you visit a website, web design determines how it looks and feels. It’s the process of planning and constructing the various parts of your website, such as the structure and layout, as well as the photos, colors, fonts, and graphics. Graphic design, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimization (SEO), and content production are all components of web design that work together to produce the final experience of a website. These features influence how a website appears, feels, and functions across a variety of devices.

Web design is distinct from web development, which is the coding that allows a website to function. You’ll need both web design and web development while creating a website. Although web designers can also be web and UX developers, these are two different skill sets. Web designers develop your ideas into a mockup that depicts how your future website will seem. Web designers are in charge of the creative aspects of website design.

Importance of Web Design

Lots of websites on the internet today, why do clients pay lots of money to website designers to have their website designed and properly managed? – This is simply because the evolution of technology has affected business transactions positively; lots of business owners now find it very easy to carry out their business activities with the help of a well-designed website that can introduce their business goals and objectives to the public while they sleep or do other things. A well-designed website will have a contact us page and an about us page among others that will directly point visitors to quick contact with the business owner.

First impressions are crucial. We can’t emphasize this enough: if you don’t have a solid web presence, you’re limiting your brand’s potential. Customers who search the internet for your brand and find nothing may believe you’ve closed your doors. They’ll get the sense that you don’t care about your company or goods if they search and find anything poor. By getting your web design right, you can make every relationship that starts on your website a fantastic one.

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What is Webhosting?

Web hosting is the process of having your designed website managed or kept by organizations that has access to the world wide web. these organizations have enough storage size to keep all your adios, videos, text designs, documents, etc safe. They also have fast servers that can pull your content from their storage or database to any location in the world.

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How To Design and Host Your Website Locally

How To Design And Host Your Website Locally

By now, you should have understood to an extent what a website is all about and what hosting is all about… I mentioned earlier that you need a webserver to test the host or test your website. YES! But normally, we need to pay these organizations offering their servers for website hosting before we can be allotted web space. but in this article, I will teach you how to design a professional website with a free server, with No Coding involved. we are going to do all this with software called WordPress and WAMP. I am going to be teaching you step by step guide on how to do that. incase you encounter any challenge during this process, you can reach out to me via the contact us page

WAMP SERVER: WAMP stands for Windows Apache MySQL and PHP. This is the server that we are going to be using to host all of our WordPress websites (one installation for as many websites as possible). CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WAMP SERVER. It is called Wamp because it is a windows operating system software program. if you are using Linux operating system, you will need to download LAMP, If Your Operating system is a Mac Operating system, You will need to download MAMP. etc.

WORDPRESS: WordPress is the world’s leading content management system among others. It is presently powering over 70% of the entire website worldwide. This is Due to its multi-functionality and easy-to-use features (premium WordPress). WordPress works for all operating systems unlike the apache MySQL and PHP server

STEP1: Download wamp on your pc and install it. (Download Link). if it flags your an error, click here to read on how to fix wamp error codes

STEP2: Download WordPress from Here and extract it… Click here to read on How to Extract Zip files and Here to learn How to Zip files

STEP3: Open your wamp installation folder and locate a subfolder called www

STEP4: Create a folder inside the www folder and name it anything of your choice

STEP5: Copy The extracted WordPress into the created folder

STEP6: while your wamp/lamp, etc is on, go to your browser and type in

STEP7: Click on PHP admin and login to your wamp with a password and username

STEP8: Create a database in the wamp server

STEP9: Create a User for the Database and allow all privileges

STPE10: Go to your browser and type in www. localhost/name of the folder created in the wamp folder/wp-admin

STEP11: Install WordPress and enter your website name

STEP12: Start designing your website without a data connection or any paid host but with the installed WordPress and your Wamp/lamp/lamp/map etc. server.




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