Jiji Whatsapp Number | Contact Us Now!

Jiji Whatsapp Number | Contact Us Now!

Jiji Whatsapp Number | Contact Us Now!

Wondering how to chat with jiji on whatsapp or via text message? let’s guide you on how to reach out to jiji Africa via whatsapp, email, official websites,text message and on call. We have received several messages and questions from both registered/unregistered and subscribed/unsubscribed users on jiji on how to get jiji whatsapp number in order to reach out. So in this article, we will be guiding you step by step on how to contact jiji through various means. (courtesy: webemtech IT)

let’s get started! (Jiji Whatsapp Number | Contact Us Now)

jiji contact email Address

you can contact jiji via email from Nigeria with the email: support@jiji.ng (this is a general contact email address for both registered and unregistered users on jiji). However, you can send messages to this email for complaints as a seller on jiji, or as an individual trying to make general enquiry/inquiry

However, if you are in other African Countries, you can contact jiji via email using the format: support@jiji.your country short name. for instance, if you are in Ghana, jiji contact email is support@jiji.gh, etc.

How to chat with jiji

you can chat with jiji in two different ways:

  1. Via the chat button on the jiji app/website: In order to chat with jiji using the mobile app or website, you must be registered on jiji and must sign into your account. click on the profile icon at the bottom right hand side and locate where you have jiji support or Need help. Click on it and you can start chatting with jiji instantly.
  2. via text message: if you want to chat with one of jiji sales support directly via text message, kindly send your message to this number: 07066123112. But kindly note that the best preferred way to send messages to jiji is via email or by using the chat on the mobile app or website.

Jiji Whatsapp Number | Contact Us Now!

How To Contact jiji via Call

you can call jiji sales support on +2347066123112 (whatsapp or call). However, if you have any complaint, It will be resolved shortly or if you need registration guidelines.

Jiji Whatsapp Number | Contact jiji

in order to reach out to jiji almost immediately using whatsapp, kindly send your message to jiji sales support on +2347066123112

Official website of jiji

the official website of jiji is https://jiji.ng (this may vary depending on your location). For instance, if you are from Other African countries, below are the official websites of jiji for your country:

  • https://jiji.africa/ 🙁Africa)
  • https://jiji.ng/ :(Nigeria)
  • https://jiji.co.ke/ : (Kenya)
  • https://jiji.com.gh/ : (Ghana)
  • https://jiji.ug/ :(Uganda)
  • https://jiji.co.tz/ :(Tanzania)
  • https://jiji.com.et/ :(Ethopia)
  • https://jiji.sn/ :(Senegal)
  • https://jiji.co.ci/ :(Cote De’voire)


the above step-by-step guide is to help you connect with jiji faster via whatsapp, email, phone number and chat. However, from the above guide, the best way to contact jiji via whatsapp is through the number: 07066123112

Jiji Whatsapp Number | Contact Us Now!

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